Make Kitchen Pot Scrubbers from Netted Produce Bags

Have you ever wondered how to reuse those old netted potato bags, onion bags or apple bags? Did you know that you could make kitchen pot scrubbers out of them? It’s true! It’s actually a very easy project to make. All you really need is two or three bags, unflavored dental floss, and an embroidery needle.

To start, please note that you will need bags that are made of a coarse mesh material. Plastic bags will not work. There should be holes and it should feel slightly rough against your fingers. This is what will enable the pot scrubber to, well, scrub gunk off of pots.

You will want to cut three pieces of the bags into approximately the same size. This should be about 6-8 inches across, in a rough square shape. Don’t worry if the pieces aren’t perfectly equal, as we’re going to scrunch them up anyhow.

Lay each of the pieces on top of each other. Take your dental floss and thread it through the needle. Then, you want to stitch a straight line up the middle of the three pieces. Without taking the floss out, turn the pieces over and stitch back down the other side. Make your stitches long, as this will allow the material to bunch up.

After you get to the end of the material, grab the needle tightly. Then, holding the edge of the bags, pull so that the stitches pull tight together. The bags should bunch up.

Then, take your needle and floss and wrap it around the center a few times to secure the pot scrubber. Fluff it out at the sides, and voila! You have made your own kitchen pot scrubber from recyclable materials. Pat yourself on the back. You have saved yourself some money and cut down on waste from your house.

Of course, if you want to get fancy, you can make these from different color bags. If you don’t have these sort of bags, you can buy tulle fabric from Hobby Lobby or Walmart. Look for the type with big holes and a coarser feel. To make a kitchen pot scrubber with tulle fabric, just follow the same steps as above. You just need to cut the fabric instead of the vegetable bags.