Make money bookmarking and writing at snipsly-get traffic too

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As I already promised, I have decided to share the knowledge of another adsense revenue sharing site. Snipsly is what we are talking about. The site is really great and of course one of the upcoming sites. Here are the details of how to make money here and its entire review.

Austin Hardwick who is an online publisher runs the site himselves and he is very passionate about the project. Snipsly works on wordpress platform and looks very decent and professional. The site has easy navigation and featured list options. The site displays featured writers, recent listings and categories hence allowing the user to read the various types and categories of content.

Snipsly has an adittional advantage. Because the majority of the traffic and approximately half of the traffic comes from America. Hence your ads displayed will have high CTR. Now let us discuss about the ways of making money at snipsly.

1. It pays for bookmarking articles. So, I have decided to check my luck over there by bookmarking articles of mine and others. Because I have a small amount of time and moreover the task is very simple. Article writing involves an extra bit of time and research. So, try it for your articles. The links that they provide are do follow and hence increase page rank and SERPs. You can write a short summary of 3-4 lines with a relevant title, keywords and tags and do the things.

2. You also earn rewards for writing articles. The revenue share is a massive 80% which sounds very good for an adsense geek. Snipsly does not pay you directly and you will earn everything through adsense. Well those are the things that I wanted to share with the seekyt community.

Hope you enjoyed this article. Please do share your suggestions and valuable feedback in the form of comments. I am sorry if I missed out anything and please do let me know the adittional information to be added in the comments section. I am a student and will publish many more articles and opportunities. Please subscribe to my feed so that my posts will be mailed to you.

You can also earn money for bookmarking and sharing the same article at these sites.Thankyou all for your valuable time and patience.