Make money for bookmarking articles- sites that pay

If you are new to seekyt then start making money for your articles by signing up here.Many of us use such sites in order to share and promote our original articles. We do this for getting backlinks. The popular ones that majority people use are digg, reddit, stumble upon, delicious, technocrati and others. Unfortunately none of them pay the user.

Here is a list of bookmarking sites that pay the user for promoting their articles. We also have the chance of earning some extra bucks with the articles written by others. I will share the ided with you at last. Here is the list.

1. Shetoldme: Many of you are aware of this site. We are paid 100% of adsense revenue share for promoting the articles. The links are do follow and hence increase the page rank. now they are charging a certain amount for using the site.

2. Yousaytoo is a site where you earn for writing blogs. Post a short summary with relevant title and keywords linking back to the original article.

3. Best- reviewer: This is a sister site to shetoldme where the content is promoted in the form of ‘top 5 ways’, ‘top 3 articles’ etc.

4. Flixya: Shares 100% ad revenue for writing blogs, uploading photos and for embedding videos. Not a site for putting the links. Use it in the similar way as yousaytoo.

5. Infopirate: Another revenue sharing site that rewards the users for submitting links.

6. Redgage: This pays you for the number of impressions.

7. Snipsly: The users are paid 80% impressions for submitting the links.

8. Xoba: This allows you to place bookmarks and the summary should be atleast 50 words.

Well, these are some of them that I know. Hope this is informative and useful. Use these and earn some extra bucks. I have told you that you can earn with the articles not written by you. Let me explain this with an example.

Consider snipsly which pays you high and assume that you are doing the things with this article. Change or modify the title, write a short summary and put some keywords and insert the link of this article. Hope you like this and there is nothing wrong because you are rewriting it and in fact promoting the original article. If possible do the same with my articles and i love it and i have no objection. Please do not put the same title as it will not get indexed and sites like yousaytoo will ban you for the same. Hope you enjoyed reading this. If you do not mind please share and bookmark it so that others can get to know about this. You can also earn money for the same by utilizing the above mentioned sites.

If you wish to hear from me, then do subscribe to the feed and get the posts mailed to you. If I have missed out any site, then please do let me know by sharing it in the form of comments. I will be extremely glad to hear from you in the form of comments, suggestions, feedback and adittional information. Thanks for reading and hope it was informative. Please do me the favor by sharing it. With lots of love- Yours Rakesh.