Make Money from your Air Conditioner

We all know that it feels like a million degrees outside during the summer and you not only want to jump into a lake to get personal relief but you want relief for your pocket book as well. Following these proven tips will guarantee you a savings on your electric bill without you having to exhaust too much energy of your own.

1. Physical labor makes you hot, as well as your house. Cooking makes the kitchen hot, by heating up the oven and individual burners, as well as running the dishwasher, washing machine and dryer. Wait till early morning or evening to do them. You will be surprised, send the kids off to school and you won’t believe it but you’ll actually finish something in piece and quite. Unless you are a rocker, then by all means; rock on.

2. Speaking of cooking, run your exhaust fan while you cook. The hot air that is produced by the food can escape out of your exhaust fan. If you don’t have one, then run a box or circular fan to help the hot air escape.

3. Run ceiling fans, circular fans, whatever you have at night. Since it is cooler then, even in the hot states like Florida, run fans at night and set your air conditioner at a higher setting to save on energy costs and give it a break so that it’ll be ready to take on the next day. Also fans use way less energy than your air conditioner.

4. It is important to use curtains, and not just any curtains but dark ones. But I know that some of you are going to say, “But I love natural light.” It all boils down to either natural light or being hot and paying more on your electric bill. Keeping your dark curtains closed all day will keep out the light and hence the heat of the day and your home cooler.

5. Leave the thermostat alone during the day. Bumping it down to 69 degrees when it is 101 degrees outside is not going to change anything. Your air conditioner cools the house at the same rate whether you put it on 69 or not. Plus with it being so hot outside all you’re doing is causing more stress on your air conditioner than need be.