Make Money Selling Domain Names

Buying and selling domain names is one resource that many webmasters have utilized for making money online. This particular method of creating a source of income has turned very lucrative for a lot of people. Anyone can make money buying and selling domain names with little or no experience. These are a few simple steps to follow.

Find a domain name
The number of domain names that are actually available will decrease as the internet grows. A domain name search can reveal what domain names are available. Simply enter the domain name you would like to sell into the internet and wait for a result. This will save you a lot of waiting for a response from domain hosting services as to whether or not a name for your website or blog you would like to sell is available.

Find names that are profitable for success. Be careful to select names that will yield the most for your investment return. These are some things that will help with creating a great name for a domain;

• Short and clear names are the best. Single name domain names are the best, but not necessarily the most profitable
• Great keywords or keyword phrases used in names are popular and will get the most traffic and are the most sought after. Consider search engine optimization during the creation process
• Domain names that mimic popular names are also well-liked. For an example, instead of you can use
• Hyphens don’t work well in domain names
• Names that rhyme or are catchy are highly sought after
• Avoid names that are confusing and hard to remember. They don’t do well. Remember traffic has to find your name and difficult to remember will be difficult to find
• No two websites can have the same name. Though, you can have the same website with a different prefix or suffix. For an example, you can have and

There are several websites that have been created to help find an available name. Some of the best domain names used on the web today can be uniquely fashioned using websites such as Makewords and Domainfellow . Users can find domain names using prefixes and suffixes as well as multiple or custom query searches.

These are actually name generators used to create a domain. Domainfellow happens to be one of the oldest domain name generators on the web today. In addition to producing names there are other resources offered related to registering a domain found with Makewords and Domainfellow.
Many people that do create a great domain name will not only register the .com, but also the .net and .org with the same name.

Register a domain name
After finding a domain name that you would like to sell take the time to register the name with a hosting service. Many domain hosting services will charge for domain name registration, but deliver free hosting for a domain.

Finding the cheapest domain name registrations may not be the best course to take for your investment. Cheap isn’t necessarily the best or cheap doesn’t mean the worst. A hosting service that provides you with the services you need for selling domain names is the best course of action.

Some web hosting companies will reveal what domain names they have for registration. They will list a number of popular domain names are available today. These usually include the most popular such as .net, .org or .com.

Most domain names can be registered and hosted for as little as ten dollars a month or less. A number of these services will provide specials that may include pay for six months and get one month free or pay for a year and get three months free. Websites such as or provide an extremely reasonable rate or fee.

Sell a domain name
When it is time to sell domain names is when the profit comes in. Even if you don’t happen to be a salesman or marketing guru, don’t fret. Selling a domain name is as easy as registering it. A number of sites have been developed for this specific service.

Websites will provide either an auction where the highest bidder will get the domain name offered or a specific price is already set by the domain name owner and the name is simply sold outright. There are names that are sold for $10,000 or more on a regular basis by people that make money online selling domain names.

Websites such as are wonderful for getting names sold. There are brokers that can assist you with finding buyers, appraisals and domain parking. These same sites that are used for selling a name can also help you if you have an interest in how to buy a domain name.

Domain parking
Domain parking is holding your domains that don’t have websites designed or built yet. These are “naked” websites. A naked website is one that hasn’t been designed for a specific product or service yet. However, instead of letting a domain sit naked you can earn while you wait for a buyer. Advertisements can be displayed on parked domains. Advertisers will pay for these blank or naked domains. Additionally, you can gather stats on how many visitors are coming to this name.

Statistics of how much traffic comes to a particular name is useful when selling domain names to potential buyers. Selling a domain name for profit is not a difficult task. With a little know how and ingenuity nearly anyone can do this.