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Make Money Writing Articles, SeekytMake Money Writing Articles, SeekytMake Money Writing Articles, Seekyt

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Writing articles can be profitable at any age. Of course, having basic writing skills is a benefit. As long as you have opinions or knowledge to share, you can make money writing articles.

When I first started writing articles, I did it to help promote my son’s niche websites as he requested. Of course, I did some research on the subject to make sure that I was doing a good job for him. It did not take me very long to learn that I could make money writing articles both for him and for myself. This was exciting for me. I quickly set up my AdSense account and began writing about the things in my life that I thought could be useful for others such as great family recipies and money saving tips I use all the time. In my first two weeks, I earned $1.43. That is actually more than what I saw as the first month’s income for some very successful writers. I figured I must be doing something right.

Over the next few weeks I wrote about 10 new articles, but the money was still only pennies every other day or so. I was beginning to get discouraged even though I knew it took time to really grow a nice size residual income. At this rate it was going to take me over a year to get my first check from AdSense because they have a $50 minimum payout. I read about how other people who had made a success out of writing and tried to find a pattern that would work for me. Suddenly, a light went off and I found the link I was missing. Even though I had been back linking by commenting on blogs about the subjects I was writing about, my back links were not strong enough to draw the traffic I needed to generate higher and higher earnings. I needed a network of articles that would organically generate stronger back links.

As I researched other article submission sites, I learned about referral to the different sites which generates another stream of income for authors. Now I started getting excited again. Here is a list of the revenue sharing sites I have found most effective for me:

  • Seekyt
  • InfoBarrel
  • HubPages
  • Bukisa
  • Squidoo

Each site has its own benefits and unfortunately their own flaws. I have learned how to ignore the flaws and utilize each one’s benefit for my own good. Spreading my articles around gives me the opportunity to write more about each subject as I have time to reflect on an article I have already written without having to just continually re-edit an existing article. I enjoy writing more each day and can’t wait to read the next comment a new stranger will enter about something I have written.


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Make Money Writing Articles, Seekyt
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