Make Room in the Bathroom at a Low Cost

With it seems like it’s getting harder and harder to get projects done around the house because of the economy. People are holding off on getting projects done around the house because the money is not there to fix anything. You do not have to hold off on getting a project done in the bathroom. Sometimes there is not always enough room in the bathroom, especially in the shower. There is a way to get more space in the shower, at a low cost to you and your family.

The way to great more room in the shower is by placing a shelving unit in the window. That is if there is a window in your shower stale. It seems like there is always more room needed in the shower, especially if you have a big family. When the family gets bigger, the shower stall is getting smaller on space. While you do not have to worry about that any more since there is a way to create more space in the shower for everybody to be able to have his or her shower needs.

What you will need is:
Shelve boards (cut to size of the width, depth and length of window)
Finishing nails (the ones that has no heads on them)

Step 1: Pre drill holes in the shelves for you can tack it to the sides of the window
Step 2: If you want one more than 1 shelve make sure that you will space the shelves the way that you need it for you do not have to use brackets
Step 3: For each shelve you will want to caulk around it for no moisture can get in
Step 4: Make sure that there is no openings anywhere

You do not need a lot of money to get space in the shower stale. There is nothing wrong with getting a project done for a cheap cost. You will be able to use any type of wood that you want to use depending on what your budget will allow you to use for this project. You will be able to create this DYI project to your taste and style. You can make something that was made from little money and make it into something that looked like you got it professionally done. There is nothing wrong with creating cheaply and make it look expensive.

When you start the project make sure that you measure twice and cut once.