Make the most of nature with a catered outdoor event

The great outdoors shouldn’t strictly be relegated to the family picnic. With the plethora of fantastic public parks, gardens and wonderfully landscaped areas in and around Sussex, it’s high time to consider holding an event in one of these delightful venues.

An outdoor party or event need not be an informal affair. Very often, spring or summer wedding receptions are held outdoors, as are the weddings. Guests happily eat a wedding dinner, cake and sip champagne whilst wearing formal wear and sitting on benches or folding chairs. A corporation that is located on a picturesque campus may hold its board meeting or motivational sales meeting outdoors or in an outbuilding that provides a scenic view. Of course, private parties are often held in the host’s back garden. Utilising the great outdoors for an event permits a crowd to attend without feeling crowded or cramped, and the beauty of nature eliminates the need to decorate extensively. As long as there are restroom facilities that are readily available and shelter, such as a party tent, can be erected, then an outdoor venue makes the perfect setting for many kinds of events.

However, food and refreshments are essentials to any event and many locations do not have facilities for outdoor grilling or cooking. This is the time to consider an outside catering service. The caterer either precooks the food and brings it in hot or brings several portable grills for on-site cooking. Grilled meat, fish and vegetables provide guests with freshly prepared main and side courses that are also colorful and healthy. Grilled meats, for example, have most of their fat rendered out and away during cooking. This fact, as well as the flavour imparted during grilling, will motivate even a dieting guest to nibble at the offerings. Ending an outdoor feast with a bowl of fresh fruit brings the atmosphere of the natural setting to the table.

A catered outdoor barbeque takes the work off of the shoulders of the host and allows him or her to enjoy networking with guests instead of cooking their food. An outside catered barbeque slow-cooks the main courses in deep cauldrons full of sauce. The finished product can then be ladled onto serving plates or over split rolls. Nearly any meat can be barbequed, and there are several sauce variations that range from sweet and tangy to blazing hot. There is a meat and sauce combination that appeals to nearly every taste preference. In addition, the pull-off-the-bone tenderness of nicely barbequed pork roast or beef brisket atop slices of crusty bread is one of life’s truly sensual experiences.

For a truly huge celebration such as a charitable fund-raiser, hosting an outdoor hog or lamb roast will ensure that the crowd is well fed. The hog roast has been a traditional end to the harvest for rural residents for centuries, but it has recently become quite fashionable. The process involves cooking an entire hog over an open fire on a spit, allowing the meat to develop a delightfully crisp crust, smoky flavour and tender juicy interior. Normally, a deep pit is dug to contain the cooking coals and wood, but the modern solution is to hire an outdoor caterer. The catering service brings in the necessary equipment, provides the appropriately-sized animal and cleans up afterward, leaving the premises in pristine condition.

If there is an outdoor event being planned, consider Linda’s Pantry to assist with catering. They provide full-service outside catering, post sample menus on-line and bring a 20-year history of successfully serving large and small events.