Make Your Business Green with Document Scanning and Shredding

There are lots of ways you can show your dedication to improving the environment. Many businesses create a recycling policy/program, while others may implement ways to conserve energy.

The majority of businesses, even in the digital age, still have a good portion of their corporate information in hard copy. As such, paper records are frequently signals of wastefulness and less than desired environmental practices.

A strong record and information management solution ensures compliance, privacy and efficiency. It also provides a procedure for coming up with a corporate policy that is ecologically sound.

Destroying and scanning documents comes with multiple benefits: it reduces the piles of paperwork in your office space and/or in storage, and it ensures confidential information is recycled without compromising said information.

Deforestation is likely the most mentioned effect of global paper consumption, although not at all the sole effect.
Paper production not only results in deforestation, but also leads to:

  • Hazardous pollutants
  • Increased solid waste
  • Fossil fuel use and related emissions

Given the quantity of paper the average company goes through on a yearly basis, it is simple to see how corporate paper consumption can wreak havoc on the environment.

Paperless = Eco Friendly

Scanning your most used business files to a digital format not only minimizes the quantity of paper used inside your firm but also decreases your carbon footprint. In addition, a system for managing and storing records gives you quicker access to your information and the ability to work remotely. There’s also the security benefit, protecting your documents in case a natural (or unnatural) disaster strikes.

Recycle Safely and Securely

The appropriate disposal of private files is incredibly important for your company. You need to support recycling your paperwork and other materials, yet, you do not want private information simply placed in a recycling bin. Even if you make a point to stress the importance of this with employees, there is no guarantee a breach will not happen.

Having an ongoing professional document destruction policy gives you the best of both worlds: security and environmental responsibility. A professional document shredding company will pick up secure containers according to your desired schedule. The documents are securely shredded, then baled and recycled.
Show you and your business are serious about improving the state of our planet. A professional document destruction policy will not only provide you security and improve efficiency, it paints a positive picture of your company’s values.