Make Your Home Safer With Outdoor and Landscape Lighting

To keep your home safer at night there are a few things that you can do with lighting that will deter would-be thieves. A home where these strategies are used will be less likely to be targeted and safer both when you are home and when you are away.

Light Your Home and Landscape

Make sure the exterior of your home is lit properly at all times. If you keep your property pitch dark at night, that provides great cover for someone who is looking to get into your home or just have a look inside without your knowledge. Aside from that, a well lit home simply looks attractive and welcoming.

Here are some ways to improve your exterior lighting.

Attached Lighting

Your home probably has some lights attached already. Leave your front porch and exterior garage lights on all night. If you and your neighbors all did this it would make the neighborhood safer.

If you are worried about the cost, this doesn’t have to be an expensive option. You can now find very attractive cfl exterior lights with a frosty glass exterior made for exterior lighting, allowing you to run these lights all night for a fraction of the cost of incandescent bulbs. Make sure your main entrances are always lit well.

Low Voltage Landscape Lighting

Use low voltage lighting to light the dark spots in your yard. In areas where you don’t have lights attached to the house you can illuminate those spots with simple low voltage lights made for your landscape.

These lights are reliable regardless of the weather and you can use bulbs that make them very low light or make them quite bright if needed. This is a great option for rock or mulch beds near accessible windows like a lookout basement.

Solar Lights

Use outdoor solar lights if low voltage lights are not an option or you want to avoid the extra expense of hiring an electrician. Solar lights will create a soft light and last most, if not all, of the night.

The upside is that they are inexpensive and may be installed instantly by anyone. The downside is that they do not shine very brightly and a few dark days in a row could reduce the light output. Still, they are a great tool to use to spread more light in your landscape, especially in areas away from the house where low voltage lights would be more difficult to install. Solar landscape lights come in many shapes and even different light colors from white to blue.

Use Timers

Use lighting timers wherever you can to make your home’s lighting seem routine. Nothing makes you home look vacant more than a pitch dark property. Using timers on your porch lights and other landscape lighting not only makes your job of turning lights on and off a non-event, they will be there for you when you are on vacation to keep your property safe.

Keep Your Property Safe

Using a combination of porch and garage lighting, exterior low voltage lighting and solar landscape lighting, and putting them all on timers is the best way to make your home safer with lighting.