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Make Your Next Move A Modular Portable Office

When we think about prefabricated buildings of any sort, it is usually a drafty trailer on wheels or uninviting workspace that acts as a portable office, that springs to mind. However, those days are long gone, especially when you are considering portable office space. Although more than 80% of the structure is created at an off-site factory setting and delivered for assembly, all prefab buildings are subject to the same inspections and should be built with high-quality materials that meet the same building codes, that apply to traditional buildings. If you are someone who is urgently looking for more office space and you think you may be disappointed with the final results of a prefab building, you need to reconsider the modern day modular structures.

Modular construction companies now have the technology that can provide you with portable office or home designs that are able to compare with any traditional building. Modular designs no longer all look the same, as they can now be customized to look exactly the way you choose. They can be multi-story or single designs that have exterior finishes such as stucco, brick or any other surfaces that may blend into your choice of surrounding architecture. Your portable office does not have to look like a trailer, but it can be attractive as well as functional. There are countless interior and exterior designs and floor plans to choose from. These include door and window treatments, entrances, porticos, canopies and more. Design styles are unlimited and it is difficult to differentiate between traditional and modular designs.

Flexibility is another important feature of a portable office. You can choose whether you want a stand alone building or several buildings that have been put together to create larger structures. Many are familiar with a single portable office, but don’t realize that multi-story structures complete with elevators can also be created. More modules can be added for extended portable office space. These units can be used as a waiting room, reception, portable shop, induction office, training office or interview room. Some portable units can be changed around depending on the required needs, or they can be moved to another location. This option is not available with traditional building structures.

Modular portable offices are built in the same way and adhere to the same strict standards as conventional structures. They are built with the same building codes in mind and are just as strong. They undergo the same stringent inspections that are there to ensure excellent quality. Modular buildings are made to last 25 to 30 years and can last longer with proper maintenance and care. With modular portable offices you will be able to cut on costs because you do not require multiple sub-contractors on site. The structures also have no wasted weather damage because of the quick construction.

The method of construction of a modular portable office is different to that of a traditional building. A significant amount of time is saved because the modules are built in a factory while the construction site is being prepared. Quality control inspections are done, electrical wiring and plumbing are pre-installed before modules that are 80% complete are delivered to the site. The factory manufacturing system is not affected by delays on the construction site or weather. Modular portable offices are usually ready for occupation in at least half the time of that of conventional structures. This amounts to faster profitability.

Many of the newer modular portable office units are constructed from recycled steel which makes them strong, mold resistant and fire resistant. All noise, debris and dust are eliminated at the construction site and less energy and water are used by producing these in a factory environment. There are a number of green elements available that are able to enhance the quality of indoor air, energy efficient utilities, insulation, floor treatments, walls, heating and sensor lighting.

Sometimes you have to do the site preparation if the modular builder does not provide this. However, it is better to hire modular builders who are able to get the whole job done. They are the experts who are able to advise you of your responsibilities, while taking on theirs. This will mean you don’t have to hire an on site contractor as well. You need to make sure that the company you choose has project managers that are specifically focused on the your portable office needs. Medical institutions will have different requirements to those of government offices. Check on the level of experience the company has in dealing with similar requirements as yours.

Be sure to ask where your building will be built and exactly who will be building it as most dealers will broker your project out to someone who is going to build it at the cheapest rate. There are some dealers who provide their customers with great value and service, but most do not. Other companies may tell you that they are not directly involved with the construction. Make sure you are aware of the commitment you will receive through every phase of the project, from the company you have hired, before your project begins.

You need to decide whether the company concerned just want to make a sale or if they are keeping you fully informed by sharing knowledge about the process. It would be a good sign if they encouraged you to visit past projects and talk with past clients. Because the building industry has progressed in design and quality, construction and materials in leaps and bounds, it is important to know that the team managing your project are not only skilled and experienced, but also dedicated to the success of your building. In order for every building project to meet the highest quality standards there must be advanced quality control checks in place.

Whether you require a multi-story building or a single portable office, there are many companies that are able to deliver prefab office buildings that are modern and durable for any function you can imagine. You will be able to get them started on your space requirements by visiting their website.

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