Make your own homemade spider repellent

While spiders serve a useful purpose in nature I think we can all agree that they belong outside in natural. Having a spider problem in your house can be quite frustrating. The thought of getting bit by a spider in your sleep can be very frightening. Along with that, a spider bite can also be extremely painful and cause discomfort for weeks.

The best way to prevent being bit by a spider is proactive spider control.

There are a few common sense ways that will help keep spiders away.

  • Dust or mop regularly
  • Don’t leave clothes lying on the floor
  • Don’t have window or door gaps leading to outside

In addition to these common sense steps you can also use natural spider deterrents. Essential oils are a great spider repellent. Spiders can’t stand the citrus smells of essential oils.

You can actually make your own homemade spider spray using essential oils. To increase the potency add some natural soap to the mix as well.

What I usually do is combine several drop of the essential oils and natural soap in an empty spray bottle. I fill the rest with tap water and shake to mix. Then spray the outside door ways and window trims with the spray. I tend to spray about once a week to ensure the scent of the essential oils stays.

I’ve also found it useful to put a few drops of essential oils and natural soap in a bucket of hot water and wipe down my window sills when cleaning. Be careful not to go overboard with the strength. The scent of essential oils can be quite potent especially when using indoors.

Another tip I just learned is to wipe your broom or mop with a rag laced with a few drops of oil on it. This will leave the citrus scent behind when cleaning as well.

Just by adding a few simple steps to your weekly cleaning routine can help to keep your home spider free. You might also like the added benefit of having your house smell like citrus too.