Fireplace Remodeling Ideas

Many homeowners desire a modern fireplace and hearth and are open to ideas for a remodeling.  When we bought our home it came with the old fashion red brick fireplace and we knew the  bricks were a good way to control energy costs because the thermal bricks would absorb the heat and keep your home warmer in winter.  But we thought the fireplace was not eye appealing.

living-room-670237_640We wanted to remodel the red brick fireplace and were open to ideas.   Know that if you want to makeover your fireplace and hearth then consider resurfacing with natural stone, granite tiles, or change the look by painting the bricks.

Determine Budget for Home Improvement

Before beginning any home improvement project it is best to determine your budget for makeover.  Use this budget  when choosing the material for fireplace.  You may love the look of granite but can you afford it? If not then select the material that works with the interior of your home and also your budget. If you are on a tight budget you may opt for simple makeover; painted bricks, wood carved mantle or resurface the hearth with stucco.

Style Matters

Look at the room where the red brick fireplace is located.  Determine your personal style; formal, modern, contemporary, country eclectic or traditional?  By knowing your style will help you to choose the right materials for your fireplace makeover.  Now that you know what personal style you will need to decide on the type of makeover, do this my looking at fireplaces.  Research online for makeover tips for brick fireplaces. Check out fireplace design books from your local library and visit your local fireplace store for ideas.

Makeover Ideas

Add excitement to your modern living room by resurfacing your red brick fireplace and hearth with granite or marble tiles.  Add a rustic appeal to your living room by covering the bricks with natural stone; river rock. For a traditional makeover consider painting the bricks white or another color that would complement your interior color scheme.

Modernize the Mantle

Complete your fireplace makeover with a new mantle.  Choose a natural stone mantle for a large stately fireplace. The natural stone will work in a room that is modern or traditional.  For a country or classic home you may select a natural carved wood or a weathered or vintage mantle .  If the existing mantle is in good condition paint it to give the mantle.


Update fireplace accessories by replacing the fireplace screens with glass doors or a stately iron log screen.

Consider adding gas logs as it is an easy way makeover the appearance of your fireplace and the gas logs will coziness to the room without the mess.

Decorate the hearth and mantle with decor items that compliment the room.  This is a simple and inexpensive way to makeover your brick fireplace.