Makeup blunders to watch out for

We have all made makeup blunders from putting on too much foundation to wearing the wrong shade of lipstick. You can avoid most problems by picking the right products. The eye is the most significant component when it comes to makeup. If not done up properly, you can look like someone who was in a wrestling match. Those with small eyes should avoid the smoky effect as it only makes their eyes look smaller. In order to make their eyes look bigger, many people put on too much makeup to enhance them. It is wrong; always work according to your eye shape. For a brilliant look, line your upper eyelid, along the eyelash line, and shade your lower eyelid too, along the eyelash line.

Lip color need to accommodate your skin tone and be mixed extremely well to look good. Softer lip colors that go with the skin and make up are much better option. Denser lip color can end up looking blood thirsty. Pick lip colors from the variety of shades available with color density are softer to make more natural and blend with your skin.

Ever seen someone at a party whose face looks ghost-like? She got her foundation wrong. This make you look like you are wearing a mask. Foundations can be yellow-based or pink-toned. Pick the one that complements you skin. Use liquid foundations that are light on the skin and produce a sheer, natural look.

The easiest way to make lips look fuller is to use a super glossy reflected lip gloss on your lipstick or by itself. Use then lip inner on the extremes of your lip line instead of on the insides and fill up the inside with a lipstick that has a smooth finish. On a night out, dab and apply a little shimmer at the centre of your lips and coat it with some gloss. In this way, small lip can look fuller.

Your skin needs a good amount of moisture that can clear dark spots. Use skin cream that can repair your skin from inside and fill out the fine lines. Try a gentle exfoliating face-wash that cleans up all the dead cells on the skin and also helps your skin generate new cells. In this way, scars and marks will disappear from your face.

There is no specific medication to prevent premature graying of hair. The condition is usually hereditary. Here are few home remedies that may help you. Mix a gram of black pepper with a small bowl of yoghurt and apply this paste once a week; wash it off in half an hour. Boil teal leaves in water, strain and two teaspoons of salt; leave it on your hair for an hour and wash off with warm water. You can also apply henna to your hair. It will help cover grey and condition your hair too.

Exposure to sun in the beach can cause severe tanning which is the process in which skin pigmentation darkens as a result of exposure to ultraviolet light. It can raise sun burns, and allergic reactions, and delayed effects could be pigmentation, sun spots, fine lines and wrinkles. So, plant to go to the beach before ten am and after four pm as sun rays are less intense during this period. After swim or a plunge in the sea, make sure to moisturize yur skins and lips to prevent peeling and drying of the skin; coca and butter are the best bet. Wear hats with a wide brim as they provide additional sun protection to your face and hair. Keep yourself hydrated by drinking of plenty of water, coconut water and fruit juices. In this way, you can protect your skin from extreme sun and sea conditions.