News Makeup Classes Open Up A Lot Of Options

Makeup Classes Open Up A Lot Of Options


There are numerous ways to take makeup classes, there is community colleges and even academies and schools that specialize in makeup. The field of makeup is a very diverse field indeed, it is not limited to learning how to do your own daily makeup or wedding makeup. There are specialist niches also. You can have a very successful career within the genre of makeup.


You may wish to follow a career path in a salon or beauty parlor, and learn all the fundamentals and techniques of working in this environment. You will learn about the face, shaping, corrective makeup and day and evening styles, usually focusing on eyes, lips, cheeks and nose. Makeup classes are available in most cities for the beauty parlor.


Theatrical and live performance is another of the makeup classes that teaches you all about theatre productions; short and long term. You will learn how to design and influence character appearance as they relate to age, lifestyle and personality, environment and circumstances. You will also learn about backstage setup, theatre etiquette, and how lighting will affect makeup color and designs.


Film is another niche area where you learn how to develop character progression with makeup, learning to use appliances, using bald caps, horror characters, injuries, dressings, and period designing. You may even learn how to create a dead body with makeup techniques. This would be a very interesting course or class to attend. Imagine watching a film with family or friends and saying, I did his/her makeup or created those dead bodies, then seeing your name roll up on the credits, forever tagged to that film. Imagine winning industry awards, like an Academy Award for best makeup. The demand for quality makeup artists is ever increasing in the field of film and TV.


You will learn how to make real and proper attachments to the body, head and face. Constructing bald caps, ventilation and punching hair. Casting and molding of impressions, making teeth, using products like silicone, latex and gelatin, how to develop characters with the use of appliances as they relate to television and film and also theatre. This would be another extremely interesting course to attend.

Television and HDTV

You will learn the differences of the two different TV styles; digital and analogue and how it can relate to makeup. How to increase and decrease a character’s age by twenty years. How to duplicate diseases and ailments such as AIDS, the Plague, Smallpox, Cancer, etc. How to duplicate bruising and injuries. You will learn how to analyze scripts and perform character breakdowns, body makeup and airbrushing techniques, creating tattoos and removal, corrective makeup for TV presentations, applying facial and body hair. So as you can see there are many fields within the makeup industry and this is just a few that can provide you with a rewarding and satisfying career. There are makeup classes for these and many more, including fashion photography and even nail artistry, the choice is yours.

Makeup Classes Open Up A Lot Of Options
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