Makeup that is good for Acne Problem Skin

It takes some researching on to come up with makeup that is good for acne problem skin. The delicate balance between acne and makeup can take some time to stabilize. Make up used on a skin can trigger or accelerate acne. One must take precautionary measure when applying makeup on a skin with acne. Makeup is used to cover breakouts. A much welcomed relief is that there are products in the market today that do not spoil the skin of a person with acne and which assist that person come up with a clean and beautify regime of applying makeup.

The Condition of Acne

Acne is a commonly occurring human skin disorder that is characterized by certain or all areas of the skin with scaly red skin known as seborrhea or whiteheads and blackheads called comedones. Acne is also characterized by papule or pink heads, pustules called pimples and larger papules called nodules. Acne occurs in skin areas that are more densely populated with sebaceous follicles. Such areas are the back skin, skin of the upper part of the chest as well as the face.

Acne occurs when there is blockage of follicles. This happens during hormonal activities such as puberty and menstrual cycles. Acne begins with a lesion. A hair follicle gets blocked with bacteria and oil. Many people however exhibit a decrease in acne once they reach their early twenties.

Acne Cosmetica

Acne cosmetica is a condition that on experiences when one induces acne through makeup. This is a type of acne that is not very common but rather disturbing to the person who experiences it. It is often mild and does not require much medical attention. However, acne cosmetica is not necessary caused by makeup alone. Anything else that so much as touches a face that is predisposed to an acne condition can potentially induce it. Because this condition affects the skin area that receives the most cosmetic treatments and applications, they would normally appear on the face of the afflicted.

Best Makeup for Acne Skin

Always clean the face regularly. It is advisable to have a routine to follow so that it is easy to have the face regularly cleaned. Also, eat a diet that consists of fruits and vegetables to reduce oil formation on the skin. Drinking plenty of water has also shown evidence of decreasing acne because water flashes out impurities all over the body.

However, good makeup for an acne face are those that are not oil based. Avoid any applying any penetrating oils. Also, stay away from sweet smells. Fragrance in makeup is a big contributor of acne. It causes irritant as well as allergic reactions on the exposed skin. Be weary of products that claim to be without scent or unscented because they may have smells that hide sweet smells of other ingredients.

Finally, be careful when applying blush and shadow makeup. Mica is a common ingredient that is used to make the sparkle in the eye shadow makeup, the blush and face and many powders. The flaky and jagged features of mica can easy cause clogging and irritation to the follicles on the skin.