Making the Most of Your Small Spaces with Custom Cabinetry

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Over the past 60 years, the size of the average U.S. home has steadily been growing. While in the 1950’s many homeowners found the 983 square feet of the average home spacious, most people today would find them extremely small compared to the 2300+ square feet of today’s average home. Despite this significant increase in home size, after the housing bubble fiasco, many homeowners are looking to make the most of the space they have. One popular method homeowners have found to help them maximize their homes is custom cabinetry.

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Making the Most of Your Small Spaces with Custom Cabinetry, Seekyt

Once simply an area to cook meals, kitchens have evolved over the years to become multi-purpose spaces and the heart of most homes today. As the functions of kitchens have grown,so too have the number of appliances, features and other items we try to fit into them. The result is an increasing demand for larger and more spacious kitchens, which has helped to fuel the McMansion craze. In most cases, homeowners don’t need a larger kitchen, but rather a more organized one. Installing custom cabinets built by a skilled cabinet maker and designed specifically to fit both your space and your needs can turn your small, cramped kitchen into a space that not only feels much larger and more inviting, but that’s also a model of efficiency.

Making the Most of Your Small Spaces with Custom Cabinetry, SeekytBathroom
Second only to the kitchen, the bathroom is one of the most important rooms in your home. Not only do bathrooms play a vital role in our daily hygiene, they also serve as an area for us to unwind and relax. While small, cramped bathrooms might be suitable for cleaning and grooming purposes, they often cause homeowners stress rather than relieving it. As a result, homeowners often believe the answer is a larger bathroom when in fact there are a number of things they can do to make small bathrooms feel much larger than they are. In the hands of a master cabinet maker, most small bathrooms can easily be transformed into more spacious and welcoming areas by simply maximizing the space provided. Elements such as custom built cabinetry including built-in storage cabinets and medicine cabinets can be designed by a superior cabinet maker to make the most of your bathroom space. While these changes may seem insignificant, the results can be astounding.

Making the Most of Your Small Spaces with Custom Cabinetry, SeekytHome Office
Whether you telecommute, work from home, or simply need a place to keep important records and pay bills, more and more homeowners are adding a home office to their list of must-haves. While newer homes are increasingly including space for a study or small home office, those with older homes will often turn a spare bedroom, kitchen nook, family room alcove, outdoor shed or other area in the home into makeshift home offices. The trouble with this is that because these spaces were never designed to accommodate a home office, they aren’t typically spaces conducive to productivity and can often feel haphazard. With the help of an experienced cabinet maker, almost any space you have can be altered to meet your home office needs. From built-in book cases, filing systems and storage cabinets, to beautiful custom desks designed to blend into your kitchen or family room, custom cabinets can help make almost any space into a highly efficient workspace.

In a survey conducted by the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB), 53% of new home buyers wanted a 2 car garage and 20% were looking for a home with a garage big enough for 3 cars or more. In fact, according to the data, garages are the only area in homes that are staying relatively the same size. This isn’t because homeowners are buying more cars. It is because increasingly, garages are serving as storage spaces and work areas for homeowners. The problem is that without proper organization, a garage can easily get out of control – leaving little to no room for homeowners’ vehicles.

To combat these organizational issues, many homeowners turned to the particle board, one-size-fits -all, prefabricated storage systems commonly sold at home improvement stores.However, all too often, these systems proved to be less than durable and rarely fit the spaces of needs of the homeowner. The best way to get the most function out of your garage is by installing specially designed, expertly crafted cabinetry from a skilled and reputable cabinet maker. Custom garage cabinets and storage solutions are not only tailored to meet your specific needs, they are also built to last, allowing you get the most out of your garage for years to come.


Since 1999, Irie Cabinetry, a small two-man shop specializing in custom residential and commercial cabinetry, has been crafting innovative, high-quality handcrafted cabinetry customized to their customer’s exact needs and desires. Blending old world craftsmanship with new state-of-the-art hardware, features and innovations, Irie Cabinetry has become a leader in the custom cabinetry industry in the Denver area. Irie Cabinetry offers a wide variety of custom finishes and an assortment of woods from the domestic to the exotic.

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Making the Most of Your Small Spaces with Custom Cabinetry, Seekyt
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