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Making your bathroom standout from the crowd on a budget

The cost of redecorating plays a large role in what type of products you buy but you want to still ensure that it stands out and has the so called ‘wow’ factor. I find myself spending ages looking through interior design catalogues and websites for inspiration but everything I like seems to be outside my budget. I want to be able to get the five star look at the price of a three star bathroom.

Also would I be better of in the long run getting both bathrooms done at once? I would hopefully be able to negotiate a better deal with the builders and if I bulk buy some products I could be in for a discounted price. Its still difficult redecorate the bathroom on a tight budget as its said that you need a minimum on £3,000 but realistically for the long run it maybe more beneficial to invest in good quality products, meaning that the cost would be even higher. The question is though how much better is the quality of the top end products compared to the cheapest? Is flooring that cost £300 sq.m 30 times better than one that cost £30 sq.m? Sometimes you just can’t know, obviously there is a difference between the two as they have to be able to reason why they have set such a price, however, sometimes the middle range can be just as good as the most expensive or unfortunately just as bad as cheap. So I’m unsure which range of product to go for, as I want to be able to get that ever so satisfying ‘WOW’ factor but I would need to be able to keep to the budget- which ever that so happens to be.

To make your bathroom standout you don’t have to get the top of the range but you can get something that will make a statement:
– Get a free-stand bath! Who does not love the look of these, being more or less the same price as a classic bath you have nothing to loose- especially if you have the space and it will just add the extra ‘wow’ to the bathroom which an ordinary bath would not offer
– A luxury shower would look amazing. Most of us love a shower so why not go all out. Get a huge shower head and if you can afford it even power jets.
– The Sink! This is the cheapest of all the main parts of the bathroom so you should make sure you pick a statement one. They come in all shapes, sizes and colours so ensure than you pick one which goes with your bathroom and make everyone look amazed at your sink.
– The taps to play a role, you can get ones which are like a waterfall which catch the eye as its not what you see in most places and they are more or less the same price as an ordinary tap- so why not get one.
– If you can, you can get special lighting that you can alter according to your mood. This will surely set you apart just make sure the mood lighting is on a different switch to the main lights as you may not want them on constantly
– Tiles can also make a large difference to your bathrooms persona. You can use glass mosaic tiles for a border which just give it that extra boost instead of it all being the same colour. It also now in to have the same tiles as you do on the wall on the floor which can make the bathroom look longer.

Even though these might sound only possible if you have a large budget, some might only cost a little more and make a large difference where others may be a bit more extravagant.

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