Making Your ‘Checklist’ When Moving

When freezing temperatures, snow, and ice arrive, most people just want to curl up in a cosy chair in their toasty warm home with a hot drink. At the best of times, moving is a stressful event, but moving in the winter is especially stressful and adds its own unique issues. However, if you are aware of the potential issues, you can take steps to avoid them.

Keep an Eye on the Weather

Keep up with the weather conditions in the days ahead. Try to schedule the move during a time of better weather. However, keep in mind the weather could take an unexpected turn. Be ready to postpone at a moment’s notice if it becomes too dangerous to travel.

Check the Map

No one has control over closed roads and unsafe driving conditions. Plan a few alternate routes just in case there are any obstructions, such as snow or collisions that have blocked the road.

Clear a Path and Keep Ice at Bay

Pathways, driveways, steps, and floors can become wet, slick and grimy. It is important to shovel pathways and driveways. Salt and sand will melt ice and make paths safe to walk on. Large sections of cardboard protects the carpets and flooring, and helps prevent slips and falls.

Stay Warm

Keep the heat on, and hats, gloves, jumpers, and socks readily available to layer on, keep bedding accessible for the new home. Keep the kettle, tea bags or coffee, sugar, and milk available. This will help prevent cold-related injuries, and dehydration.

Plan and Pack to Maximize Space

Without making boxes too heavy, pack as much as possible into each box. Fill empty spaces with packing material. Plan how to pack them effectively to help minimise the number of boxes, while maximizing their usability.

Pack Mindfully

Pack heavy items with lighter items to avoid causing injuries. Use bubble wrap or packing paper when pack heavy and fragile items. Label boxes clearly to identify items that will be needed immediately. Use a mattress cover to protect it from dust, dirt and stains.

Protecting Property

Once the boxes have been filled, and furniture covered by moving pads or moving blankets, everything can go into the PODS container, and secured with the eyehooks inside. Make sure the contents are evenly distributed throughout the container to balance the weight, and make the best use of the space. When the PODS container is unattended, use the padlock to ensure safe and secure storage.
Once everything that is going to the new location is packed and secured in the PODS container, PODS will pick it up on the date scheduled by the customer, and transport it to the new location, combining a removal truck and storage unit in one.

While many people prefer to pack, load, unload and unpack their own items, others greatly prefer to have removal and transport services do all this work for them. PODS can arrange this as well if it is desired with their Load and Go service. The POD is delivered to the given address, the driver helps the customer load it, then the customer locks the POD, and has it transported to the new property or they can take advantage of the PODS storage service.

No more struggling to load and unload everything in one day. With PODS Storage and Removal services, moving can be spread over a matter of days or even weeks.

If storage is required, it is possible to store the secured POD at the PODS clean, dry, secure storage warehouse.