Malibu Hair Treatment for Chlorine and Hard Water

Malibu hair treatment for chlorine and hard water mineral removal can be done at home or in the salon. They take anywhere from 30-60 minutes depending on damage and length of hair. When you do a Malibu treatment at home you will need a bonnet dryer and the Malibu crystal gel packets or demineralizer pack and that’s about it. You can buy most all Malibu hair products at Amazon online including their shampoo and conditioner. A Malibu hair treatment is super easy to do you really can’t go wrong as long as you follow directions. And it is much cheaper to do them at home.

If you have ever had green or orange color in the hair then you know it is hideous and impossible to remove with shampoo or even hair clarifiers. Not to mention the damage done to the hair by trying to remove a chemical as strong a chlorine. Well water mineral deposits are almost as damaging to hair as chlorine and can look just as bad. Green or orange hair is horrible when you don’t want it to be green or orange. Once you remove the chlorine or hard water minerals from the hair the discoloration will be gone and the feel of the hair will be better as well. However, it may take some time for hair to completely recover.

Malibu hair treatments are the most popular method of chorine and well water damage removal and the reason for this is that they work and have worked for many years. Malibu is also used for removing build up on the hair before a hair chemical service such as perm or color. This will ensure that the color or perm will take better and last longer. If your hair color isn’t as vibrant as you want it to be then maybe you need to do a Malibu hair treatment just before your next color appointment.

As far as cost is concerned you can buy Malibu hair treatment gel crystals, box of 12, for under $40, which may sound like a lot until you compare it with one treatment in the salon that can range from $15-$25 or higher depending on salon. HIgh end salons charge more as you may well know, so if you do decide to get a Malibu hair treatment in the salon go to a cheaper one. It’s not like they can mess it up like a haircut or chemical service.