Mall Activities That Will Not Require A Lot Of Spending

With growing inflation and unstable economies, spending becomes increasingly risky and detrimental especially when it is done out of leisure. However, everyone acknowledges the significance of time off and relaxation from everyday routine, which is why most of us still go to the mall for a quick unwinding and instant getaway. Malls have become a place where people can unwind and relax. Fortunately though, there are mall activities that will not require a lot of spending. Here are some of them.

Window shopping

Assuming of course that you know how to control your wits and desires, window shopping can be a very relaxing activity when you are in the mall. This becomes especially true if you go to malls in Makati where displays are endless and elaborately designed. You can easily lose yourself with so many things to look at and so many creative layouts and ideas to get inspirations from.

However, don’t forget that you’re looking only to appreciate and not to purchase anything in particular. Otherwise, you’ll end up spending a lot or getting frustrated (with all the things you wish you could buy but can’t).

Looking at Exhibits

Most malls nowadays usually showcase an event or an exhibition to draw crowds. This can be anything from an art show, to a car exhibit, to a mini bazaar. They are usually free or, at least, relatively cheap, because that’s part of the appeal used to invite people over. They are, however, offered for a limited time only, so don’t go expecting the same exhibitions to be present in the mall all year long.

Regardless of the type, most of these exhibitions feature interactive displays, trials, or simply creative demonstrations. Whatever the case is, each event or exhibit would be another inexpensive activity to enjoy in the mall.

Watching a movie

Despite movie tickets going up to a few hundreds, movie-watching is still one of the best activities in the mall. And if you consider how long an average movie is, it’s not that difficult to consider the few hundred bucks spent to be relatively cheap.

You see, with the money you used to buy the ticket, you’re getting more than an hour’s worth of entertainment, more than an hour’s worth of rest on a comfy seat, and more than an hour’s worth of leisure time. Not to mention, cinemas in the Philippines are still considerably cheaper than cinemas in other countries, even the 3D ones.