Malpais, Costa Rica- a great place for the adventure seekers

If you are an adventure seeker, interested in going to a holiday destination that offers lot of nature activities and adventure, visit Malpais.
Malpais is known for its laid-back, tranquil atmosphere. It has large area of unspoiled natural beauty that attracts a large number of tourists every year. There are not any supermarkets and shops out here. But you would never be disappointed if you are looking for adventure activities to feel the adrenaline rush.
The beaches of Malpais offer the best surfing experience to those who come here. Playa EL Carmen is the main surf beach in Malpais. It is located on the border between Malpais and Santa Teresa. The surf beach is ideal both for the avid surfers as well as for the beginners. Rip tides and beach breaks are not very powerful on Palaya El Carmen, thus making it a safe surfing site for starters. Those who prefer faster, heavier, and steeper waves, they can head north towards Playa Santa Teresa.
There are many other surf spots in Malpais, such as El Carmen, Punta Barrigona, and Sunset Reef. Whereas El Carmen has a long right and a shorter left, it is appropriate surfing site for beginners. Punta Barrigona and Sunset Reef are for those who have mastered the tricks and techniques of surfing. These sites are challenging and unless one has the expertise to surf, it can prove to be quite dangerous to surf at these sites.
Other than surfing, you can enjoy boating and fishing tours on your Malpais, Costa Rica holidays. The underwater life at Malpais is diverse and quite fascinating. You would be amazed to see almost all kinds of fishes out here, from tiny blennies to majestic angelfish, eels, wrasses, angel fish, and surgeon, there is so much to watch and enjoy.
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