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Malware Removal Guide

There are many online threats that are potentially dangerous to your PC your Smartphone or your tablet. However, the most common seems to be the threat of malware after viruses. Often your system gets infected with the threat, and you do not know about it. It is all about being aware of it.

Knowing about the trouble is getting past half way into it. Similarly, if you are aware of malware infection then you will be able to counter it too. You can easily deal with it as there are ways to deal with malicious software removal.

Symptoms of Malware infection

• Computer running slow

• Unwanted and the sudden appearance of pop-ups

• Frequent freezes

• Difficulty in executing any program, command or application

Following are some of the steps that will explain how to delete malware:

Using safe mode

The first thing, which you need to do is to disconnect the internet connectivity till the process of malware removal is over. It is essential, as you need to further prevent the malware infection from spreading or tampering with data.

• Boot the system in Safe Mode by powering off the PC and pressing F8 function key.

• When you reach the options window, choose the Safe Mode with Networking and hit Enter key on the keyboard.

• Run a complete virus scan to determine the threats and delete temporary files. It will help you in getting rid of clutter, speeding up PC and freeing up disk space.

• Choose a cleanup utility for disk cleanup.

• To conduct a malware check you need a different program or a scanner for this purpose. The current program is not able to detect the infection, and if you use another program then, you will know about the threat.

• Use of on-demand scanners will help you locate malware infections. Run a manual scan by launching the program. The scanner works with multiple programs ensuring complete coverage. Use Malwarebytes, BitDefencer free edition, SuperAntiSpyware, Norman Malware Cleaner or Kaspersky Virus Removal Tool.

• Use Malwarebytes to run a complete scan. Download the program on another system that is not infected and save it on USB flash drive. Using the USB transfer the program to the infected system.

• Run the setup file and follow the on-screen command prompts to install it. When the installation is done, the Malwarebytes is ready to scan for threats. Choose the option of a quick scan.

• When the option of database appears, choose Yes option and click Ok. The scan can take 30-60 minutes for the full scan. Quick scan takes about 20 minutes max.

Now the thing, to notice, is that if the program vanishes after starting scanning then the trouble is with rootkit. It is all about deeper infection that is causing the trouble and taking surface measures will not work.

If the trouble is deeply rooted then, you need to take a backup of your Windows and reinstall Windows.

If there are no infections detected by the program, a text file will appear that will display scan results. Now you need to run a full system scan. You just might get an alert warning that will state about the infection.

To view the files go to scan results, and you will be able to select/ remove the dangerous files.
For removing each item, you need to select each one of them.

Click ‘Remove’ and get rid of the infection.

You will be asked to restart the system to complete the process.

If you are still facing trouble then, you need to use another scanner to detect all the hidden threats. You can use your real-time antivirus program for this purpose.


The steps mentioned for removing malware infection are useful if the infection has not spread too deeply in the system. However, as mentioned it often happens that your program stop performing, refuses to launch or vanishes just after the launch. These signs are indicative of a deep-rooted infection that is not easy to deal with and need immediate help. The damage, it makes to the system is critical to software and components. You will then need to search for an expert to help you out with the trouble.

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