Manage Your Stress Level

In today’s world we are all busy in our personal lives. Especially in metro cities people’s life schedule is so tight that they event don’t give enough time to family. The busy lifestyle often stresses people and unfortunately we don’t even realized that when have we developed this evil stress in our life. Today, every second person is stressed and don’t even realized about it, unless your stress turn into depression. Hence, it is necessary to know the stress at early stage and overcome it before it takes toll on your attitude, your relation and of course your life. A little practice of stress management can make you free from every stress.

Are you really stressed?

Before learning stress management first know you. Are you really stressed? There are no particular symptoms of stress but there are few signs that speak loud enough to tell you that you need effective stress management tips. Lack of sleeping, high blood pressure, irritation, lack of confidence, and inability of concentrating are few signs that buzzes often but we avoid to listen it. If you really notice your lifestyle and behavior in daily life you can recognize very easily whether you are stressed or not. And if you are stressed you are not require to worry and consult doctor but follow some effective stress management tips to overcome it.

Why stress causes?

There is no one reason that why we fell stressed. One most common reason of stress is job or tension in relations. Pressure from seniors, work pressure and unfriendly behavior with office peers are some very common reasons that cause stress. Sometimes arguments at home, miscommunication or misunderstanding with friends or family members also give stress. The busy lifestyle or tensions with spouse are few more reasons that give stress and these are mostly cases of metro cities.

How to manage stress?

Stress management is easy and effective way to keep you stress free. Stress management technique gives positive result for everyone no matter what causes you stress. Follow these tips.

1) Take 15 minutes break in every 1 or 2 hours.
2) Learn time management technique and finish work on before dead line.
3) Share your problems with someone close to you.
4) Go for small vacations time to time.
5) Spend some time for your hobby or social work.
6) Spend some time alone wherever you wish to like beach, garden, library, etc.
7) Have healthy diet that provides full nutrition to your body.
8) Workout everyday that will keep you fit.
9) Have at least 6-8 hours of sleep.
10) Laugh a lot. If all the above 9 tips failed this one will never fail and will keep you happy and stress free.