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Managing Stress and forgetting Worries

Many research works have shown that stress is directly proportional to our procrastination. It is lowered self esteem and perception towards the inability to control life activities which creates the delaying nature in one’s mind. I have been under some difficult circumstances in the recent past and had to look for some measures that can reduce or prevent the stress. Here are some of the things I believe that can contribute a lot in managing your stress.

Stress Free Zone

Reducing Anticipatory anxiety
One form in which stress can be related to procrastination is anticipatory anxiety. Stress can start to build itself as a deadline nears or task is not started which in turn creates the fear of job undone. people who procrastinate are usually very self-conscious and worry a lot about how they are perceived. Good mental and emotional conditioning is the basis for improving our performance.
The focus should be on reducing anticipatory anxiety and to live more comfortably and peacefully. Hence by learning to calm ourselves, we can control our anxiety. Respiration, muscles and thoughts are the three key things of life that controls what we think and do. To calm yourselves, you need to have a control over this.

Deep Breathing
Have you heard of fight-or-flight process? It is that situation which forces us to go out of our comfort zone and panic. During stress, breathing rate becomes increased to a great extent. In contrast, when you are calm and not under any stress, your breathing rate is deeper and slower. When you breathe deeper, more oxygen enters your lungs and waste things get released. Hence, deep breathing is essential for healthy bodily functioning and stress management.

Muscle Relaxation
After respiration, muscle is the area that needs to be concentrated in managing and handling the stress. Scientifically, there are two muscle systems in the body namely striped muscles and smooth muscles. Smooth muscles are the one that controls our heart and other vital organs where as striped muscles are the one that controls the arm and leg movements. There is no direct way of relaxing smooth muscles but relaxation of your striped muscles can reduce your tension and enable you to slow down your anxious nerves. For detailed study on muscles relaxation and techniques, you can read the books of Edmund Jacobson.
Its all those small physical exercises that helps a lot in learning how to control and relax your muscles. Once you start feeling the effect of relaxation on muscles, don’t over do it. Practice the relaxation methods consistently for another six weeks. If you practice both deep breathing and muscle relaxation, you will soon find that they make a great combination.

Visualization is one of the most effective things that does not require even any kind of physical effort from us. All it needs is a peaceful atmosphere and a precise mind. Creative Visualization is such a powerful tool even in developing yourselves personally. Once in a relaxed state, imagine yourself performing an difficult task with ease. See yourself in great detail until it is completed. This imagery helps you a lot in handling difficult times and improves your problem solving to a considerable extent.

Humor and Music
Laughing is one of the gifts of god that has been bestowed upon us. When laughing, we find it very difficult to worry. It has a gigantic effect on our body. It reduces our stress and makes us being more creative. If you find it difficult to laugh with the present problems, seek out some funny movies, books or friends. My recommendations would be some funny television shows that can surely distract you personally from the frustrations you are facing. Even doing things that you like can be every effective. I take out my favorite digital nikon camera and start taking some pictures or just go through the pictures that i have already taken. It helps me in some way.

Music too plays a significant role in reducing stress because of its peaceful and calming effect. It stimulates emotions of joy, excitement in you and becomes a natural form of therapy.

Bringing humor, music along with deep breathing and muscle relaxation can bring a long term changes in your body which in turn will significantly reduce your stress in day-to-day life. If you want to know some psychological techniques of handling stress, go through the works of Sigmund Freud. Any queries on the above techniques, please feel free to ask me.

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