Manipulated Memory

The British, American and Canadian psychiatric associations published a warning about twenty years ago concerning ‘Sudden Adult Memories of Childhood Abuse.’

They did it not because they realised how many psychologists were playing with people’s minds but because of the lawsuits which began stacking up after the first broke the ‘dam’.

Most psycho-analysts went to University and read psychology just as you could read English or History or Economics.  They then may have taken a few courses here and there and gotten some more qualifications.

They hang up their shingle and go to work.  The problem is that many do not really listen, really investigate. Just as in the 1900s where a reporter could pretend to be mad, get tossed into an institution, and then not be able to get out, (without outside and powerful held) so too, today.

The fact is that memory can be manipulated.  This has been proven since the early ’70s when certain experiments took place.

For example, an unsuspecting sociology class would be shown a film of a bank robbery, and then, broken into three groups, they would give their ‘statement’ to the ‘police’.  Those in the first group would not be prompted. Those in the second would be teased with; “The getaway was blue or brown?”  Those in the third group would be told that; “The Getaway was blue, wasn’t it?”

The groups would see the film again.  The getaway car was white.  Nothing would be said about it.  Six weeks later, on an exam, “What colour was the getaway care?”

The third group, which as the rest had seen the film twice, nevertheless replied; “Blue.”

This manipulation of memory is well known.

In the ‘dam busting’ case, a woman was brought to remember how her father abused her as a child.

She had, previous to her visit to the therapist, had an excellent relationship with her family.  After, she attacked her father, her mother, and everyone who dared to claim that the abuse didn’t happen.

For five years this woman, deep in her thirties, who had lived up until that moment in a family, was not the woman who had been abused by her father.

It was only five years, because consulting another psycho-therapist who found no evidence of abuse at all, she suddenly realised that the abuse Never Happened.

Her father was dead, her mother wouldn’t speak to her. She hired a lawyer.  And surprise!  The therapist was found liable, and forced to pay millions of dollars.

Once that case took the headlines, thousands of people consulted lawyers.  People who had, via psycho-tropic drugs and hypnosis had Sudden Adult Memories of Childhood Abuse.

The words are specific; Sudden…meaning the patient never remembered this before.  Adult, meaning that what happened was far in their past.   Memories of Childhood Abuse; not ten minutes after, not being asked ‘what’s wrong’ by anyone.  Living five, ten, fifteen, twenty years, never aware of this, never reacting to it, often having perfectly normal relations with family members who, up until that ‘Sudden Memory’ were unblemished.

This is not the child who doesn’t want to visit Grandpa, or the one who runs away from home.  This isn’t the person who hates his/her parents.  This is adult who consults a therapist because of some extraneous problem; as in the law suit; the Plaintiff felt she had problems forming long lasting relationships.

Mental Manipulation happens every day; watch a commercial on television, listen to a biased news report, your opinion is packaged and handed to you.

The danger is when you are in a position of inferiority and vulnerability, where you believe what the person in the position of ‘power’ tells you.