How many calories in chicken?

How many calories chicken?

How many calories chicken?

Healthy eating: Calories Chicken

One of our main concerns in the day is to our health, so we are constantly reviewing our food is quality and trying to lead a healthy, away from the sedentary life and passive life, which is why the main element in which we rely on to care is through the food as we discussed.

A food we usually eat enough in diets or in our daily food is chicken feed which besides being healthy is very appetizing and delicious, without naming the many ways there are to cook, we are talking about a white meat, which Unlike red meat they have fewer calories and are therefore more beneficial for our body.

Usually the chicken usually about 110 calories in the case of not having skin and instead, the chicken skin is about 210 calories per 100 grams, so before cooking is recommended to remove skin completely.

As we know, the chicken can prepare in many ways, so it influences the calories of chicken, then you will see a sample of how many calories are in our food chicken per 100 grams.

How many calories chicken?
How many calories chicken?
  • Drumstick: 144 calories.
  • Fried chicken wings: 320 calories.
  • Boiled chicken: 220 calories.
  • Grilled chicken: 146 calories.
  • Roasted chicken breast without skin: 98 calories.

There are many other ways to prepare chicken, well knowing that they are different parts that we can eat us, such as breast, thigh, wings or drumsticks, each with a different form of preparation, from salsa to roasted or grilled or fried, but always bearing in mind that roasted or grilled food is the rule often has fewer calories and is most recommended when dieting.