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Margaritaville DM1000 Vs DM2000: Should I Buy a DM1000 or DM2000?

Margaritaville DM1000


The DM1000 has a 550-watt motor which can create 32 ounces of beverages which is sufficient for a small family or a gathering of a few people.

Aspects and Features

The ice reservoir of the DM1000 is 36 ounces and its blending jar has a capacity of 32 ounces which is enough for making beverages for your family of for guests. The spout is drip-free enabling you to serve drinks directly from the machine and you need not worry about a mess on your counter top. You will be in complete control of the amount of beverage that is poured out. The mixer can automatically mix ice and drinks intuitively and you can leave it without any manual intervention. You can select the number of beverages to be made using the controls given on the front of the machine.

Cleaning is easy owing to its simple design and the footprint is stable when you make beverages with the machine. The jar is rugged and durable and the machine has a stainless steel trim. The jar is also marked so that you can mix ingredients in the amount that you want. You can pick up the jar with the help of an easy to lift handle that comes with it. It has an automatic Shave’n’Blend feature that shaves off ice with a sharp paddle from the ice container placed on top of the machine.

Additional Specifications

The machine measures 14 x 10 x 18 inches and weighs 16 pounds. The package includes 4 coasters and an instruction manual.

Margaritaville DM2000


The DM2000 is powerful machine with a 550-watt motor. It has automatic as well as manual modes.

Aspects and Features

The most useful aspect of this machine is that it is commercially UL approved and you can use it at home or in a commercial venture like a restaurant. It has an automatic mode which will mix ice and other ingredients for you while you are engaged in other work. The machine uses the right proportion of each ingredient. The ice will be shaved and not crushed as in other similar machines and then mix it in the mixture. Its large ice reservoir holds ice that is enough for 3 pitchers of beverages.

There are 4 modes that you can choose from – Ritas, Slides, Daiquiris and Smoothies. Using these modes you can easily set the machine to automatically create the type of beverage that you want. If you would like to control the ingredients manually you can use the blending modes which are placed on the front of the machine. The spout is drip free ensuring a clean counter top without any mess at all. A stable footprint helps you make the beverage without any worry of the machine slipping or moving on the counter top.

Additional Specifications

The machine measures 14x9x20 inches and weighs 22 pounds. You will get a quick start guide and an instruction manual with your purchase.

What is the Difference Between the DM1000 and DM2000?

The DM2000 has retained the useful features of the DM1000 and also has some improvements. The most important difference is that it is commercially UL approved making it suitable for homes as well as for restaurants. It also has 4 modes for automatically programming different types of beverages.

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