Marian Rivera Scandal

In 2010, popular Filipina actress Marian Rivera figured in another scandal that caused a lot of buzz within the Philippine entertainment industry. Rivera, a well-known leading lady in both movies and television allegedly locked herself in a comfort room along with another actress and verbally attacked the latter. When the story came out in the press, it was the talk of the town. Tabloids feasted on the story and probably blew it out of proportion. Rivera’s camp cried foul and stated that the leaked stories aren’t true. The actress’ boyfriend Dingdong Dantes, also an actor, came to her aid saying that the other camp is hurting Rivera with their false accusations.

What exactly happened during the incident? Bela Padilla, the actress claiming to have been verbally attacked by Rivera, and her camp said that she and Rivera were are the Fontana Leisure Park in Pampanga when the incident occurred. They were shooting a show called Endless Love, where the two actresses were appearing in. According to Padilla’s camp, the two actresses were inside a CR within the park when Rivera suddenly locked the door and started verbally attacking Padilla. Rivera allegedly called Padilla “ugly” and “stupid”. She also criticized Padilla’s acting abilities. According to reports, the words she said were “hindi ka marunong umarte” which when translated to English means “you cannot act”.

Padilla’s camp started threatening to file a lawsuit if Rivera does not issue a public apology. Dingdong Dantes came in defense of his girlfriend Rivera by issuing an official statement about the incident. He stated that the story isn’t true and that Rivera is being falsely accused. He however admitted that something happened between the two actresses in the past but it was resolved, he said. He implied that the CR incident did not occur. So the question at the time was, who was telling the truth and who was lying? Why would Rivera, an actress known for being nice and wholesome, verbally attack another actress? And why would Padilla, whose career was just starting to take off, make up false stories against her? So who is telling the truth and who is lying? Only the two actresses know the truth. But since different stories are coming from both camps, I guess we’ll never know.

The Marian Rivera scandal has finally blown over but it was not completely resolved. However, it’s good that it’s over and both actresses went on with their careers without any of them suffering too much damage from the negative press they received. Stories and incidents like these are parts of being in the entertainment industry. Everybody’s bent on upstaging each other. It’s not that competition is bad or anything. In fact, competition is what brings the best out of artists in this industry.