Market Your Writing Service Properly Or Don't Bother Getting Hired

I was recently perusing through a WAHM forum when I came across a member who had an interesting logo in her signature. She was advertising her content writing services. Because of the uniqueness of her signature, I was intrigued.

I clicked through to her website and was surprised to find the following information on her website:


Just the typical “Hello, World” introduction you would find on a WordPress blog that someone had just started to build. There was no About Me page, no pricing, no writing samples, no contact information. Absolutely nada.

Don’t shoot yourself in the foot by advertising with an incomplete site. It tells potential clients that you are not organized and not serious about your business.

Here’s what’s going through their heads: This person is not organized. Is she going to cheat me out of my money? I don’t see any writing samples; this person can’t possibly be serious about her business.

No business wants to spend their money on someone who is not solid. Don’t let that be you.

How to Display Writing Samples Without People Stealing Your Work

Clients want to see writing samples. They are not going to pay money for content they consider substandard or won’t meet their business expectations.

Some writers don’t like to display writing samples because they’re afraid they’ll get stolen. So they’ll usually say on their website, “Please contact me if you’d like to see a writing sample.”That’s up to you.

However, the more convenient you make it for potential clients to view your writing samples, the more likely they’ll contact you. Here are a couple ways to display your writing safely:

  • Watermark your writing samples on your website. If you don’t know how to do this, hire someone at Fiverr to do it for you
  • Provide URLs to content you’ve already published online elsewhere (Seekyt, Squidoo, blog). This is the best because clients can see how your writing looks when posted.

Content Brokers Easily Help You Find Well-Paying Writing Jobs

Your stomach gets into a knot when you think about marketing your writing services. You may not know where to begin. And when people mention eLance or oDesk, you just want to cringe.

You really don’t feel like setting up that massive account only to compete with other writers from around the world who would gladly outbid you to write for cheaper.Good news! With quality content in higher demand than ever, content brokers find themselves thriving in a hot niche.

They know online businesses are willing to pay more money for better writing, so brokers are more than happy to act as the middleman.Content brokers will hire only native English speakers, usually from the US, UK or Canada, to write for their sites.

As a writer you have the potential to earn a whole lot more per article, like $20 a piece and up. Both the client and the writer benefit because the broker will settle any pay disputes.
Plus, you usually get paid by PayPal.There is one drawback for writers which becomes a boon for customers. If a client is not satisfied with your article, he is allowed to reject it and not pay you until you redo it to his satisfaction or he moves on to another writer.

Showcase Your Writing Skills and Topic Expertise

Be sure to tell people about any industry experience you have. If you’ve worked in construction for 20 years and know all the best shingles to go on a gabled roof, be sure to highlight that experience. SEO agencies who deal with a myriad of clients are looking for writers with area expertise.

They may have a client who only sells parts to professionals in a certain industry. So if you’re familiar with that industry, say so. No one else will know what you’re talking about but the industry. You can get repeat work!

Also showcase any other content writing skills that are commonly used and come in really handle for certain projects. For instance:

  • Squidoo Lens Creation
  • Product Reviews
  • Press Releases
  • Whitepapers
  • Journalistic Articles
  • Blog Posts
  • eBooks & PDFs
  • Table and Graphs
  • Slideshows

There’s always a need. SEO agencies and online businesses are looking for a trusted place where they can outsource their content needs to reliable writers who deliver on time.

Examples of Content Brokers

Text Broker. Great place to start if you’ve never written online for a client before. Pay is low. $3 to $7 per article. Pays twice a week via PayPal.

Zerys. Services online marketers, businesses and SEO agencies who have excess work. You can earn $20+ per article depending on word count. Pays twice a month via PayPal.

Writer Access. Similar to Zerys. Services online marketers, businesses and SEO agencies who have excess work. You can earn 20+ per article depending on word count. Pays once a month via PayPal. Must earn $10 minimum before withdrawing.

UPDATE: I found out from a content manager that writers at Writer Access earn a decent bit. We recently hired a press release writer to actually call up and interview one of our client’s star employees as well as write the press release.

Well, if you ask a writer to do more than just write, e.g. throwing in the extra task of an interview, you have to pay for a premium rate. So it cost us $100 for the press release person to do this, and then we threw in a $10 tip. It was worth the money for our purposes because it really helped out our client.

Can I Market My Own Services In a Content Broker’s Sites?

Normally, content brokers will not allow you to privately work with one of their clients. It would be a conflict of interest. Be sure to read the terms of service about that.

However, you can keep the samples you write at the content broker and showcase them for future clients if you decide to go private.

These days, I think it’s easier to start off with a content broker. You know you’ll always have work. While you’re doing that, you can take your time marketing your services online, on warrior forum or to your local area via Craigslist. Who knows? You may get picked up by a digital marketing agency or publisher.

Get some real experience writing for real customers under your belt first. Understand the type of content that best suits their businesses, and you will be armed with an arsenal of writing experience that will eventually have businesses coming to you.

By then, your only problem would be turning away the excess.