Marketing Budget for Independent Record Label

Marketing Budget for Independent Record Label

Coming up with your own independent record label can earn you a lot of money, one of the reasons why many talented artists today are choosing to go solo. But it is important for one to keep in mind that you can only make good cash out of your record label if you are able to effectively do the necessary marketing. Common record label companies used to help artists market their music but the money cut that these companies were keeping for themselves was often too large leaving the artists with only a fraction of the pie. Now that the tables are turning around it is time artists learnt how to get their names on air.

Shows and Tours

The very first thing you should budget for when planning on marketing your independent record label includes budgeting for shows and tours. The prospective fans you want to win have to see and listen to you sing for them to be convinced therefore buy your music. You’ve got to prove that you have what it takes to be the next star on the market and by organizing shows you can effectively do this. However you need to bear in mind that such shows won’t necessarily be for earning you money yet. So they may have to be free just to encourage as many people to attend and thereafter spread word about your classic music talents.

Online marketing

With the whole world going online today, extending your marketing to the internet will be a huge step to getting the crowds running for your independent record label. Start with getting on Facebook where you can be assured of getting a good number of fans if you play your cards right. Then go ahead and put some of your best videos online so that people whom you can’t reach through your physical shows and tours can still see and hear you sing. Then when it comes to creating your website, you’ll need to have chosen a good professional logo for your independent record label among other specifications that will make your website seem professional for you to reel in more fans. The good thing with online marketing is that it might not be as expensive but you also have to be ready to chip in where necessary.

Word of mouth

We can’t give a blind eye to the fact that word of mouth can as well help market your independent record label to the masses. Word of mouth travels fast and if you have the right people on the ground ‘spreading your gospel’; it may only be a matter of time before your label becomes well known. But you may need to give your salespersons free tickets to your shows to issue out for example in order for them to have some kind of advertising grounds of up-selling your record label.

All in all be ready for some spending at the onset of your marketing campaign but always make sure that you are spending on the right marketing techniques because ‘blind marketing’ can really make one lose a lot of cash that is not going to bring in any returns. That said all the best with marketing your independent record label.