Maruti Celerio Vrooms

Cars are aplenty in India, we can see Sedan’s, Hatchback’s, SUV and many more varieties zooming on the roads. But not all cars are pocket friendly and more importantly, with the shrinking parking space possessing or having a Sedan is an unwanted luxury or headache.

So what car should one buy that is both economical and ‘in style’? Although several cars fit the mould of the former there are very few cars that are contemporary – One such car is Maruti Celerio.

Maruti Suzuki India is known for its pocket friendly cars their recent product Maruti Celerio stays true to the trend. Maruti Celerio is economical yet has some amazing features. The most amazing part of the Celerio is its Auto Gear Shift (AGS). It is not a complete automatic in the true sense AGS is a 5 speed transmission with hydraulic control unit. The unit sits atop the transmission and performs the job of manual clutch. The AGS is not meant for speedy driving (conversely making it a good car to drive in the city with its road jam-packed with vehicles) but once you switch on to manual mode the four wheeler just zooms making it comfortable to drive on the highways.

The Celerio does not have that sleek extravagant look of the upmarket cars, but is a conventional family type car that is best suited for a family of four. Though the car looks small the insides belie this assumption as they are quite spacious with ample legroom. The narrow front allows you to overtake quite easily (in manual version)

The K-Next engine assures you of better response and optimal mileage. Unlike the AGS the manual version has an integrated music system with Bluetooth, audio controls on the steering wheel (You do not have to remove your hand from the wheel at any point).

The Celerio hatchback is available in petrol, disease and CNG. Almost 95,000 units have been sold with the majority of sales coming into AGS category.

Celerio may not be a pretty looking car, but it is a practical car with modest looks. The AGS is the clincher for the budget car. The AGS may not offer you high end performance, but offers you practical convenience. Middle income group that worries over the fuel bill can heave a sigh of relief as Celerio is a highly fuel efficient car.