Mason Easy Pay Buy Now Pay Later Shoes-Deferred Billing Shoes For Men, Women and Kids

If you are looking for good, quality en vougue shoes to complete your wardrobe, then Mason Easy Pay affords you the opportunity to buy on credit and pay in installments even without a credit card. Massy’s and Mason Easy Pay are two very popular buy now pay later catalogs and online shopping websites for just about all kinds of shoes.

General rates charged by buy now pay later catalog- Mason Easy Pay charges several fees which include late fees, bounced check fees and normal finance charges. Interest rates vary according to your state. According to, interest rates are as follows:

  • AL: 21% up to $750; 18% over $750
  • AR: 17%
  • PR: 20.4%
  • CO, GA, IN, MS, OK, TN, VT, WY: 21%
  • FL, LA, MA, ME, MN, NC, OH, VI: 18%
  • GU, NE: 21% up to $500; 18% over $500
  • TX: 18% up to $3150; 12% over $3150
  • WV: 18% up to $750; 12% over $750
  • All other States and U.S. Territories: 23.99%

Risks of using buy now pay later catalog- The risks of doing business with is the same as doing business with other online merchants. There is always a risk of loss of information, security breach which can lead to identity theft. Use the same precautions as you would with any other type of online or catalog shopping.

Benefits of using buy now pay later catalog– Mason Easy Pay has been around for a while so it’s very trustworthy. As stated above, the shoes and footwear in the catalog and online are en vogue, meaning they are current and up to date to go along with the current fashion trend. So you can feel confident that just because the credit terms are easy to get that you are not going to be getting platform shoes from the 1970’s. Everything is current!

What type of products can I get from buy now pay later catalog-Good quality shoes for the whole family. They also have great accessories like handbags, purses, watches, socks, scarves, belts and kid’s backpacks.

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