Mass Marketing

What is mass marketing?

Mass marketing is applicable to companies that sell products which are affordably priced and cater to a wide variety of customers. It refers to a company’s endeavor to appeal to a whole market following just one essential marketing strategy and making use of mass distribution and mass media for this purpose. Companies that use mass marketing strategies are generally not known for selling high quality products or providing high level customer service; they concentrate more on meeting the requirements of customers at affordable prices. Mass marketing is generally used by supermarket, drugstore, mass merchandise and warehouse chains.

Strategies and Approaches

Mass marketing strategies look to transmit the message in a manner that it reaches as many people as possible. The most important channels that are utilized by mass marketing are newspapers, radio and television. The main approach that is used in mass marketing is known as the shotgun approach. This approach implies getting in touch with as many people as possible through the medium of television, cable and radio. The shotgun approach is also adopted while marketing via the internet. Here, this is done using banners and advertisements that appear in as many websites as possible. This allows people to see more of a product and there are chances of this converting into sales. The shotgun approach does not target any particular audience and therefore there is a better chance of getting things right due to lack of focus on just one specific group of consumers. The strategy employed by the shotgun approach looks to extend the marketing message to all those who are keen to listen. It allows a firm to cater to a wide variety of consumers.

Benefits of Mass Marketing

One of the biggest benefits of mass marketing is that a large number of people get to see the advertisement for the product in question. It reaches out to those people who might otherwise never consider the product or service being offered by the company. The advertisements can tend to be quite inexpensive so it helps to keep marketing costs down. Another important benefit of mass marketing is that there is not much market research required for carrying out a mass marketing campaign successfully and therefore marketing costs are further reduced. If the size of the market is considerably larger, there are even better chances of increase in sales volumes. Also, the cost of manufacturing each unit of the product is comparatively lower as only one type of method is used for production.


Mass marketing can be the best strategy for promoting products that are used by all and are not specific to a particular group of consumers. It helps a firm in having a broader mass appeal.