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Massive Blackheads on Youtube


Did you know that there are literally dozens of Youtube videos from people squeezing or popping their massive blackheads? As disgusting as it sounds, it is true. I find it very disturbing yet I can’t seem to take my eyes off of these videos!

But before you look any further, you might want to consider articles to learn more about blackheads or about the simple ways to get rid of acne, because there are many that help clear of this skin condition.

What Are Blackheads?

These are little-widened hair follicles filled with skin debris, bacteria, and oil called sebum. They show up mainly on peoples face, particularly the nose area, but can also show up on the arms and chest.

When you pop them (which you shouldn’t do, more below), it comes out gross like a wide puss-like string.

How to Remove Blackheads?

You shouldn’t really do this with your hands because it is dirty and can irritate the blackheads further or even create new acne. To put it simply, you can be making the problem even worse.

What you need to do is face your wash multiple times a day, preferably with a facial cleanser designed to attack the blackheads. If you want to remove them directly, you should get a blackhead extractor, which is gentle on the skin and recommended by dermatologists.

Differences Between Blackhead and Whitehead?

A whitehead is a little bit different. While a blackhead is considered an open comedo, a whitehead is a closed comedo, meaning that while they have the same material inside they only have a microscopic opening to the skin surface, which is barely visible.

Video of Blackheads on YouTube

Well, viewer discretion is definitely advised here! This is not for the faint of heart!

Here’s another one that is a little gross, too!

Here is a more instructive video on the difference between blackheads and whiteheads and just exactly what they are. It explains it much better than I can.

I’ve had blackheads in the past and I’ve prevented them for the most part by washing my face several times a day and just keeping clean. Check out this blog I’ve started on getting rid of blackheads which offers more tips and tricks.

What do you think of videos of massive blackheads on Youtube?

Massive Blackheads on Youtube
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