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Maternity Allowance for Self-Employed: Only Pays for the First Month?


Maternity Allowance for Self-Employed: Only Pays for the First Month?

When asking about a maternity allowance for the self-employed, one question to keep in mind is what if it only pays for the first month? We’re assuming this means the first month of maternity leave. After that you’re on your own. But haven’t you been on your own all along? After all, you’re self-employed. That means no boss is breathing down your neck every time you turn around. You set your own hours. You can rent a place or work from home, at your computer, in your pajamas, eating chocolate covered cherries or any strange combinations you crave when pregnant. Whether or not you are pregnant you can eat these strange combinations. You are self-employed. No one can tell you what to do or what to eat or when you can and cannot eat. Except, perhaps, the people who fund your self employment. You know the ones – those who seek your services or pay you for products you sell from your own business.

If the government gives maternity allowances for those who are self-employed but only pays for the first month, take it. It’s free money. It’s more than you’d get from no one else, which is exactly who would pay you nothing because you are self-employed. And being self-employed, if you get pregnant and take a month off to care for your newborn, there is no money coming in. At least, none from your business. If you are lucky you have a spouse who makes a decent income outside the home and your money is just the extra money for things like baby cribs and other baby furnishings. And maybe a vacation in a few years. For now, a dvd of Inception to watch at home. Of course, you might have to prove you are self-employed in order to get the maternity allowance for the self-employed, even if it only pays for the first month. This can be done by making up letterhead that announces your business: Joni’s Ceramics. Have your name and ‘business’ address – which is most likely your home address – on the letterhead, plus that landline number you use only for your home business. Your cell phone number is strictly for those friends who will give you wonderful baby gifts when your baby is born. And throw you wonderful baby showers because they know you need a lot for the baby because the government will only pay you for one month of maternity leave if you are self-employed. This allowance most likely will not cover extras, but will be enough for your basic needs if you like eating hot dogs and beans seven nights a week for dinner. And bologna or peanut butter and jelly for lunch each day. Breakfast is optional. What are you complaining about? You’re self-employed. You’re getting a maternity allowance for a month! Courtesy of the government! Time to celebrate and have that baby. Because don’t we all deserve a month off thanks to the government?

Maternity Allowance for Self-Employed:  Only Pays for the First Month?
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