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Math Practice Holds the Key for Scoring High on the ASVAB

The Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) isa test for applicants trying to join the US Military. The test is used to determine the competency of a candidate in a variety of subjects, and mathematics is one of them. Math is often a difficult subject so it’s a good idea to do a little ASVAB math practice by working on a number of problems of varying difficulty levels.

While preparing for this extremely popular and seemingly difficult test, a military applicant should focus on studying math problems since the score on the math subtests (Arithmetic Reasoning and Mathematics Knowledge) is a large factor to determine military career eligibility.

The Mathematics Knowledge subtest will consist of 25 questions for candidates taking the Paper and Pencil version and 16 questions on the computerized version. The Math Knowledge section is straight forward Algebra and Geometry equations. For the Arithmetic Reasoning subtest, there will be 30 questions on the Paper and Pencil version and 16 questions on the computerized version. The Arithmetic Reasoning section has word problems that tests your understanding of Exponents, Fractions, Whole Numbers, Decimals, Order of Operations, Scientific Notation, Probability, Factorial, Reciprocal, Ratios, Proportions, Rate, Average, Square Root, and Interest.

Proficiency in solving math problems largely depends on the candidate’s regular practice of math questions of various difficulty levels. The more one practices, the stronger his/her fundamentals become, resulting in a better grasp of the subject and enhanced problem solving capabilities. This gives more reason for the ASVAB test taker to practice math problems in online math practice tests and tutorials
Many aspirants consider ASVAB math a difficult subject, but it can become an enjoyable subject with persistence, patience, and practice. To gain competence in solving math problems, besides practice, one needs to properly understand the question first.

In the Mathematical Knowledge (MK) subsection of ASVAB, the questions are more or less clear in what is being asked, and hence the candidates will not face any problem in understanding the topic of the question. But in the other subsection of math, i.e. Arithmetic Reasoning (AR), the examinees are presented with word problems where they are required to pay more attention to identify the exact question being asked.

However difficult a math question on the ASVAB may seem, the correct approach to solving it does the trick. Just keep in mind the following important steps while attempting ASVAB math problems:

1. Identify the question

2. Put the question into a mathematical equation

3. List the information you need

4. List the steps to solve the problem

5. Finally solve the problem and arrive at the correct answer

Preparing with the help of a well laid out and time-bound strategy coupled with regular ASVAB math practice can work wonders for you to crack the ASVAB with a high score and become eligible to enlist in the US military branch of your choice.

ASVAB Boot Camp offers online courses, interactive practice tests and study guides for Math practice ( asvabbootcamp.com/product/asvab-math ) to help military applicants achieve a higher score on the ASVAB test. To read more on preparing for the ASVAB test for joining the military, visit Official-ASVAB.com.

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