Medical Consent Forms: Read and Understand Before Signing

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Here is something important you have to remember when it comes to medical consent forms, they were put in place to protect your doctor more than you, but it is still a legally binding form that you will have to sign before receiving some treatments or surgery.

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Therefore it would suit you best to read and understand this form before signing it.

Again, always ask questions before signing any form or document. If you don’t understand it, take it to someone who does.

Whether it’s your family, friends, another doctor or your attorney, you need to understand what you’re signing, because a signed medical consent form makes it harder to take legal action if necessary.

So before signing this form, ask your doctor a few questions…

Medical Consent Forms: Read and Understand Before Signing, Seekyt

  1. You want to know exactly what procedure or procedures the form covers. It should contain the information that you and your doctor have already talked about.
  2. Then you want to know if there is another way your problem can be treated. Maybe one that is less invasive.
  3. Make sure you read the form and question anything you don’t understand. Your doctor should explain everything to you in a way that you understand. If it doesn’t make sense, have them explain it until it does. The doctor needs to know that you understand and realize what you are doing and what will take place.
  4. Make changes to the consent form as you see fit. But be aware that if the doctor doesn’t agree with the changes you have made, and you don’t sign the form, then the treatment or surgery may not be done.
  5. Ask the doctor for a copy of the form to take home with you. If you are told no, then you may want to start looking for another doctor.
  6. If you are given the form, take it home and discuss it with your family. However, sometimes you may be too ill to sign this form, so the responsibility will fall onto your family.

Just be sure and careful of what you are signing. If you have to read, and read some more, don’t be embarrassed. Read until you understand what you are putting your name on.

Because again, if there is any negligence while caring for you… legally, you and your family will have little to stand on. As stated above, the medical consent form is to protect the doctor, not you.


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Medical Consent Forms: Read and Understand Before Signing, Seekyt
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