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Meet Jibo Your Family’s Personal Robot

Let me introduce you to Jibo, your family’s personal robot because soon, just like your cellphone and your iPad, you won’t be able to live without him/her in the room. When you think Jibo, think iPhone’s Siri on steroids. Think Siri and Star Wars C3-PO rolled into one desktop android. Actually, Jibo is a desktop electronic device that’s very humanoid. He/she is much more interactive than the computers, tablets, and cellphones that you buy every year. The BIG differences is that you initiate interaction with your electronic gear. But without being prompted, she/he can initiate interaction in a way that’s very sincere. More than just a robot, Jibo’s social interaction is what makes him/her dear. Like a special friend.

Your Social Assistant On the Go

star wars robot R2D2 walking beside crowd of peopleJibo is the brainchild of Dr. Cynthia Breazeal, the Founder and CEO of Jibo Inc. Dr. Breazeal is also a Pioneer of Social Robotics, MIT Media Lab. Small enough to sit on a desktop, Jibo is portable enough to take “him/her” with you around the house or when you leave home. You can use Jibo anywhere that there’s a power outlet and an Internet connection. The black, white, or grey aluminum units are free-axis motor systems. The free axis design allows Fibo to rotate 360 degrees and to ‘look’ straight up overhead and down to within inches of it’s base.

Imagine this: It’s cold and snowing outside and you’re upstairs in your bedroom getting dressed to go out. Your key fob for the car is hanging up in the kitchen. What if you could tell your Jibo personal assistant to start the car and turn the car’s heat and seat warmers on? Right from the comfort of your bedroom. It sounds like that could be happening very soon.

Your Family’s Personal Robot

Jibo connects to your personal computers, tablets and cellphones, like iPads, FireFly, iPhones, Samsung Galaxy nand more. He/she can also do many of the things they do and more. Jibo is also able to help every one in your family with the things they do everyday. He /she can help with things like, taking pictures, reading your email and text messages to you, education, and Internet search, just to name a few. This device brings all of your personal electronic devices into one unit and builds on their abilities. Think Siri on steroids. Think Star Wars C3-PO and “I Robot” (Without the rebellion) rolled into one desktop unit.

Any Thing You Can Do I Can Do Better

One of the more outstanding features of Jibo is that it’s a hands free device that can recognize and carry on a limited conversation with you. I’m not talking about just any conversation. Jibo responds to commands and requests in a more human way than we’re used to. Jibo doesn’t just alert you to Hotmail or Gmail emails or your text messages. Jibo “tells” you that you have messages and ask if you would like to hear the message. These robots can do other things like order carry out with just a few commands. Jibo’s camera will automatically track your movement and take pictures on command. That gives you time to get in the picture.

Jibo is being marketed at only $499.00. That’s a great price for a 24 hr/day, 7 day/week personal servant.

Connected House

Plans are for Jibo to be able to connect to your home. Green homes are the future and Jibo could be ready to plug in and help you control the lighting and devices in your connected house. This will make it easier to operate your house while you’re at home or away. It’s the next best thing to having a “human” personal assistant.

A Part of the Family

Electronic devices and robotics are a big part of our future. Making them more social makes them more appealing. There are times when we all need help. Jibo is ready and waiting to be your family’s personal robot, friend and member of the family.

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