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Melbourne’s crown as the most liveable city is based on 30 different factors with the economy being one of those. This has drawn the attention of investors from all over the world. The availability of land both commercial and residential is a huge consideration, but families are moving to this area for very different reasons. These new residents will be using buyer’s advocates and buyers agents of Melbourne to secure their new homes and begin their new lives. These families bring with them students and they will eventually fill those proposed apartments and support the investments being made now. The noted benefits of Melbourne are the excellent educational opportunities, the health care and the infrastructure. It’s also said that the economy is booming and although prices for homeowners are skyrocketing the interest rates are low and career prospects are high. To top off all those features the environment is beautiful, clean and picturesque. Melbourne is appreciated for its unique shopping districts and unusual culture precincts. Who wouldn’t want to live there? You can enjoy the tastes of Greece for lunch and then have dinner in the historic Italian community in the evening. Don’t forget Chinatown, which offers culinary treats from all over Asia. Melbourne welcomes diverse cultures as demonstrated by the celebrations for 7 different countries every year, some lasting a week or more. It seems you could live in Melbourne for years and still not experience all it has to offer. Maybe that’s why the wealthiest people settle there. They are not the aged, stagnant wealthy sets. They are the young vibrant groups that are filling high tech jobs and buying beautiful homes. The younger generation is injecting an already successful city with more life and a new look of art and theatre to share. In fact the average age of people living in Melbourne is under the age of thirty and the number of people over sixty-five is less than ten percent. There is little doubt that the prosperity of Melbourne will continue to attract immigrants not only to invest but to reside here. The widespread acceptance of foreign investors has increased the economy and the population, which is now just short of four million people. Growth and affluence isn’t new to Melbourne, from the gold rush of 1835 to the wave of immigrants in 1880, the population matured to nearly 500,000. The migrations of world settlers continue to bring new prospects and new businesses to the rapidly growing city. In a few years it may well pass Sydney in growth. Few cities in the world offer the stability with such an increase in populace as Melbourne. If you are looking for a metropolis that has everything you could want with few of the problems linked to large cities, this is it. Save your pennies, mind your credit and prepare for your new adventure. Infolio have Melbourne’s best collective of advocates, advisors and property managers. Established in 2008, they offer insight and expertise on property concerns, as well as being unable to bypass the open market which allows their customers to secure or sell property with minimal fuss.

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