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Memorial tattoos are those used to capture the memories of our loved ones or whom we lost long past or the occasions that we love to preserve forever. While we want to engrave the memories of someone we lost to remember that person through the tattoo it is to be remembered at the same time that it has not been a good experience at all to go through the phase of separation. S o it comes out to be very important to choose the right memorial tattoo when memorized in the name of a lost person. Loving memorial tattoos designed to ink the particular joys also demand importance in respect of personal sentiment.

Choosing a Memorial Tattoo

Choosing the right memorial design is not an easy job for the person who has faced the loss of a closed one. Again no one but he can choose the right design because only he can portray the depth of pain and grief he had to bear. But one should control one’s height of emotion before getting the permanent tattoo. The tattoo should reflect the personality of the one to be memorized or it should manifest some specific characters that would remind the person to be tattooed of his lost one. Only after recovering oneself from the grief-stricken trauma thar the person should decide to make the memorial tattoo so that the overwhelming emotional effect does not cast its impact to result in a wrong choice that causes regret in future.In case of loving memorial tattoos which depict moments of pleasurable cherishment the designs come up with deeper meanings in the name of loved ones to make them alive in a fashionable style through tattoos.

Uniqueness in Depiction

The way one chooses the design, incorporates the color and puts his own sense of creativity makes a unique piece of memorial tattoo. A person who is going to get inked best knows the person he wants to memorize and hence he can make use of several relevant methods to make it happen. Getting out of the common designs he can opt for something that the person had been very fond of and can portray the image of it or he may choose some occurrence that could remind their special bonding or some color that best characterizes the person. All these can be put together in a customized way too by the tattoo artist to beautify the tattoo as a unique one.

Tattoo Designs

Memorial tattoos vary from person to person and their individual choices.There may be different types of memorial tattoos each of them signifying different meaning . Some of them are following:

Heart Memorial Tattoo Designs

As we all know heart is the source of all the feelings and all our emotion, sentiment, love, hatred, rage and every bit of sensation. Pain and feeling of loss is also directly related to heart. So heart is the best design in memorial tattoo where it can be portrayed as broken or with the name of the dead person around it with a specific symbolism.Again when the heart is shown with wings it is thought that the soul of the dead person is now free from the chains of mortality symbolized by the wings.

Portrait Tattoos

Portrait tattoos are inked for those who want to bear the images of the loved ones always with them to feel their presence around themselves. The images should be sketched with an expert hand and ought to be made aptly so that they do not get distorted as it involves one’s sentiment.

Child Memorial Tattoos

Loss of one’s child is one of the most painful and the worst memories of life. So depicting tattoo to honor one’s child seems to be the toughest task to do but doing a memorial tattoo to give a tribute in the name of one’s child best comes in angelic form with halos and wings.


Dates when the events took place can be written or used to memorize the person saying ‘In memory of’ along with a rose to express the heartfelt love and bereavement.


R.I.P stands for rest in peace. This type of tattoo designs are strictly for memorial purpose. This seems to be a silent wish to keep the soul of the dead in peace which may be sometimes followed by birthdates or date of death.

Though memorial tattoos are made in memories of loved ones sometimes people ink tattoos to express their sorrow for a tragedy happened to someone or a group of people or soldiers they do not even know. Or sometimes memorial tattoos are shown as a mark of a death of a pet who became like family member. Hence memorial tattoo is a tattoo which is the medium to remember the forgotten.

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