Memory foam Dog Beds with Waterproof Lining

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I searched memory foam dog beds with waterproof lining for a long time for my German Shorthair. She is way too spoiled and would obviously prefer to be lying right between my wife and I so we had to find a bed that was very comfortable for her so she would stay on it all night! She also, due to a sloppy spay job, has some slight incontinence issues on occasion so we needed a bed that was waterproof so we could just wash the cover if she had an accident.

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We tried several different beds over time and discovered a few things you should be aware of.

1. Be sure the bed is actually made of memory foam. Many manufacturers advertise them as such but really they are just cheap foam which do not provide much comfort and support. You’re just wasting your money on a bed like this as your dog likely won’t use it anyway. Be sure to read reviews about the bed you’re considering before purchasing.

2. Do not necessarily trust the well-known brand. We tried a Serta dog bed thinking that they must be good right? Total junk and by far the highest priced one we tried to boot. Again, be sure to read reviews of the product, regardless of the brand name.

3. Most memory foam has a chemical type odor to it when you take it out of the packaging. This is normal. Let it air out for a few hours or days and then put it in the cover. I read many reviews complaining of this and the fact is that even the good Tempur-Pedic mattress for people have a smell to them at first. Just expect it so you don’t give up on a bed before even letting your dog try it.

4. Don’t be afraid to return it if it doesn’t work for your dog. Most reputable retailers have great return policies. Yes returning something this big (depending on the size of your dog) can be a pain, but it’s better than wasting that money on something that doesn’t get used.

In case you’re curious, the bed my wife and I ended up going with was this one that we bought from Amazon. The quality is great and you’ll see there are a ton of great reviews so we know our experience wasn’t unique. I’ve also included a link to the Amazon search results for these types of beds here if you want to look at some of the other options for memory foam dog beds with waterproof lining.

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Memory foam Dog Beds with Waterproof Lining, Seekyt
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