Men, Take Off Your Pants – Then, Slide Into ExOfficio Boxer Briefs

Why Today’s Men Wear ExOfficio Boxer Briefs

Be honest now. How do you feel about your underwear? Do you care how it looks or are you careful to be sure no one sees what you’re wearing?

I remember Johnny Carson talking about the uselessness of pajamas. Why, he wondered, would you undress, just to get dressed again?

I’m like that. I shake off my jeans and jump into bed. That doesn’t mean I don’t want to look good. I do. And not only that, I sometimes parade around the house in my underwear. You have to be careful. And tasteful.

Inevitably, fashions change and not always for the better, but the innovations the Ex Officio Boxer Brief takes advantage of in the not so visible world of mens boxer briefs is a revolution, at least in my lifetime

Even the term ‘boxer briefs’ is a mind-bender for some of us. When I was growing up, it was a simple issue of either/or, boxers or briefs, or – for the comedians – swingers and binders. Combining the two is a bit of designer genius, but only because it works.

ExOfficio Men’s Give-N-Go Boxer Brie…

And there’s more than just comfort involved. In creating a product that maximizes comfort, focusing on today’s more active and mobile men, Ex Officio has brought in the Aegis Microbe Shield to protect against odor causing bacteria.

At the same time, they’ve made them breathable and lightweight and, most amazingly, men’s boxer briefs that can be effectively washed by hand and dried in just a few hours.

The bottom line of the Ex Officio Boxer Brief is that the product is designed to meet men’s needs for comfort in multiple ways, even as it offers space saving options for travel or just for your underwear drawer. This product really is different and available in multiple designer styles.

Starting With The Basics ExOfficio Boxers Mens

Here’s a look at the basic ExOffcio boxer brief. You’d have to see what they look like when you’re wearing them to get a full take on how the combination works.

That’s coming up next. But for now, the basics means all the comfort, order control and manageability mentioned above created from 94% nylon and 6% Spandex.

Some men claim this reduces their inventory to two pair of underwear, because of how easy they are to clean and dry, good at any time, a practical miracle for travelers.

Here’s a look at the basic ExOffcio boxer brief. You’d have to see what they look like when your wearing them to get a full take on how the combination works.

Exofficio Men’s Give-N-Go Muhimu Box…

Along with showing some style option, this model lets you see how ExOfficio has managed to make briefs into boxers or boxers into briefs, whatever was your preference.

These look just like something you could tramp around in at home or sleep in, taking advantage of the breathable comfort and odor control.

The design has more to do with how these boxer briefs look than with swimming. They recognize in stylishness that a lot of guys believe their underwear is cool enough for casual wear, if only at home. They look fine and are as comfortable as you can get.

One more thing worth mentioning: these are stretchable with a woven mesh fabric. Pure comfort.

With this design, I rest my case on style. Underwear not meant to be hidden.

Just look at the way the elastic waistband accents the design below. Wear ’em when you mow the lawn or go to get the mail. See who notices. Well, wait, maybe the world isn’t that ready yet.

Exofficio Men’s Give-N-Go Deepwater …

Times are changing, and something better is hitting the market with a rush.

Thanks for tuning in.