Mending a broken heart

How to mend a broken heart

Sometimes, hearts are meant to be broken. Mending a broken heart is not easy, not even a bit. It may take years to get over a person and after the long years of try, one day you might realize that you are still not over the person you have always loved. The fact of life is that if you have ever loved some one truly, you will always love that person. No matter how much it hurts you, your heart will still beat for that person. So you need to accept your break up and try to let it go.

There are a few things you need to do in order to get rid off relation. First of all, when we get hurt, we cry. So do not be bothered about people seeing you crying, instead, just cry your heart out! Crying is the best solution to this problem. When you cry, it is not just water that flows out of your eyes but also the pain. Therefore, cry as much as you want to, as much as you need to. You are able to let go off a part of your anger and hurt by crying. It is best to cry at night, alone and quiet. Neither will you be disturbed nor will you have to answer any one.

Second advice is that hang out with your friends. Nothing in this world can help you smile better than your friends!! So get your group of friends and go out with them. Make sure you are not alone for most of the time. Believe me, whenever you will be alone, you’re going to think about that one person and be sad. Also, ask your friends not to talk about the relation because it can make you cry once again and may be even bitterly this time.

Try to keep yourself busy all the time. Keep doing some work or the other. If you have no work, then do things which you don’t usually do, like cleaning the house or may be arranging a closet, etc. Keep your mind occupied with some work or else, your mind will keep thinking about that broken relation and why it broke. Apart from doing these things, you must cut off all means of contact with that person. Avoid him or her completely. You shouldn’t even dream of that person! Doing all this will be really tough at first but once you get used to it, it will be very easy. Tear all pictures of that person or even better- burn all their pictures, cards, love letters. You will feel much better after having done that!

After having cried for days and nights, you will want to start your life afresh. So start caring for yourself. Go out for shopping, small trips, long drives. Pamper yourself with everything you like. Eat whatever you want, do whatever you want! Love for your own self is the truest form of love! If you like traveling, then you can try visiting near by places by yourself. Places which you like will definitely make you feel better. Spend time your own way. Going out to different and new places will make you come across new people and you can make new friends as well!

If you want, you can avoid things which remind you of them, for example, watching romantic films, buying roses, cards, etc. Don’t listen to romantic songs, music, don’t read any romance novel and avoid going to places where you used to go with your lover.

Mending a broken heart is not that easy but if you try, it is not that hard as well! You need to accept the fact that life has to move on, with or without that person. The sooner you accept it. The quicker you can move on in life. Face the fact that you are no longer with the person you have loved so much. If life is giving you a chance to move on, then just grab it and move ahead with life. It doesn’t give everyone a chance, so if you are the lucky one, take the hint life is giving you. The person who breaks you’re heart, can never be ‘the one’ for you! Your Mr. or Miss perfect is still out there somewhere, waiting just for you!