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Men’s Diamond Earrings Shopping Guide

Girls, pay attention to this article over the next few minutes if you are on the hunt for diamond earrings for him, because these tips can help you find that ideal gift to give. Men, much like women, also enjoy diamonds. Certainly, there are the obvious distinctions between men’s and women’s jewelry styles. Needless to say, however, that diamonds are an immensely popular consideration to offer to your gent as a well thought out gift these days. Before you just buy the first set of earrings that you find, make sure that you take some quick tips from this helpful guide first.

You May Only Need One

Ensure that you are aware of what style your man prefers when wearing earrings. For example, there are plenty of men who like to wear an earring in just one ear. This actually can save you a bit of money because you can consider only buying a single diamond earring. Also, there are plenty of guys who like to wear dual earrings. To know for sure, check out what your man’s style is and then shop accordingly based upon that information.

Consider Personality

What is his personality like? How does he dress? What influences his fashion tastes? For example, grunge fashion would be more inclined to wider gauged and less gaudy diamond earrings. By contrast, the hip-hop influence would be more prone to smaller gauged and large-stoned diamond earrings. Make sure you consider his style preferences before you buy him that flashy and dazzling gift.

Match to Existing Fashion Style

Aside from his personality, how does your man dress? For sure, a man’s wardrobe can tell you quite a bit about him when all is said and done. Take a look at his accessories that next time you see him dressed for a night out on the town. They can be telling of what fashion influences he exhibits, which can provide priceless shopping information for you.

Don’t Overlook Ear Size

Ear size matters. That’s because we’ve all got differently sized ears. To really sneak around this one like a super detective, as him if you can snap a photo of him nonchalantly. Use your smartphone camera to get a really high-resolution picture. Be sure to get the side of his head so you have clear view of his ears. Now use this photo as your shopping reference when determining the ideal size of the diamond earrings that you want to buy for him.

Opt for Square and Circle Shapes

There are countless styles, cuts and sizes of diamond earrings that you can shop for when looking for the perfect gift for him. Along the way, don’t forget that most guys are preferential to square or circle-shaped diamonds in their earrings. Fortunately, this affords you a number of fantastic options when shopping. Be sure to take your time, and you can find the perfect cut for him, and will be able to offer a lasting gift that electrifies a broad smile across his face when he surprisingly opens your keepsake.

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