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It is fascinating how credit and debit cards have evolved to be the number one expectancy when accepting payments from consumers in all forms of retail, whether it be in store payment processing, online orders or telephone orders. The growing trend among outlets who undertake payment processing has become the use of ‘Chip and PIN’, where funds are deposited into dedicated ‘Merchant Account’ electronically and card details are rarely keyed in or swiped via magnetic strip any more.

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If you own a small business and are wondering how to obtain this type of service for credit card processing you are probably unsure where to start looking, obviously you might talk to your bank about having a specialist Merchant bank account but they often quote high prices knowing that the inexperienced will pay without questioning.

Thankfully, I had my wits about me and decided to search online but it took a bit of digging before I found the expert advice I was looking for and I am going to share that information with you here.

I originally typed in vague keywords into Google such as ‘Payment Service Provider’, ‘Payment Processing’ and ‘Merchant Account Provider’, but after finding some sites that offered a little information on the specific financial term which was ‘Merchant Services’ I found exactly what I was looking for.

I wanted a company who dealt with Merchant Services in the United Kingdom and the site that appeared at the top of Google UK was ‘Seymour Direct’. I was delighted when I clicked through to their homepage, it was clear and concise with images of various credit card terminals to suit all types of stores. There were ‘Bluetooth Card Machines’ for restaurants to take payments efficiently at the customers table, ‘Mobile Card Machines’ to accept payments while making deliveries and ‘Counter-Top Card Machines’ for in store payment processing.

I definitely recommend this Merchant Services provider with high regards because they made applying for a Merchant Account easy by finding an acquiring bank for me, sending me the relevant documentation and delivering my Credit Card Terminals in a fast timescale.

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