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Merry Christmas Wishes and Cards for Occupy Movement Around the World

Merry Christmas wishes and cards for occupy movement protesters and demonstrators around the world. December 25, 2011 happens to be the first Christmas that the courageous 99% group members will be spending outside close to civic buildings in major cities around the world. Some spots around the world will be freezing and might be snowing. I wonder if any of them will just spend a few days indoors just for some comfort. Anyways, I just hope they be reasonable when harsh weather comes along.

Greeting Christmas Card – Merry Christmas
by Lessandra at Zazzle.com

December 25, 2011 falls on Sunday, which means a portion of the American population will be occupied with an American football game that starts at 8:20 EST. The match up features the Chicago Bears travelling to Green Bay to play the Packers, a battle between two long-time division rivals. I have a feeling it won’t involve the outcome on whoever will win the NFC North Division. I certainly will be one of the NFL fans that will look forward to the game. A set of next-to-last games of the 2011 regular season are scheduled to be played on Saturday, December 24, 2011. Thus, that may be a reason for some fans to not be very concern for the daring individuals staying outdoors.

Obviously, a significant population around the world will be going to churches for Sunday morning sermons. I’m sure the church leaders will keep the brave individuals outdoors in their prayers.

Are you curious what the occupy movement protesters and demonstrators want for Christmas? I sure am. Will they want items that generate heat be placed near them? Than can continue to demand. Perhaps all they want from other people are Merry Christmas wishes and cards.

Cheerful Christmas carolers could arrive at the encampments of the occupy movement and sing for them to cheer them up.

Christmas is not just a good time give other gifts, but also to ponder about things to be grateful for.

Whatever the demonstrators and protesters of the occupy movement decide to do on Christmas, I hope they continue to preach non-violent actions.

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Merry Christmas wishes and cards for occupy movement protesters and demonstrators around the world.

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