Merry Christmas!

Why isn’t it Spring?

After the long, cold winter everybody is tired of the heavy traffic, having cold time to time and everybody would like to feel the caress wind coming with the sunny spring. Who were those who wouldn’t like to see plant’s waking up. I think there is no man all over the world who wouldn’t like to feel these tasty wonders.
When it is spring you must feel like nature. Flowers, trees are blooming, forests are becoming green. You can have enjoy the sun warming your face, your hands, your body, we love it. Then by the circle of nature spring pasts and summer welcomes us. Would you like if you could go for a walk with your friends and days were longer then night? I think you would say yes. Summer is wonderful, too.

After Summer it is Winter

But with approaching of autumn bad feels become stronger and stronger and we have less time to spend outside. We stayed in our flat or room, and we are thinking of good weather, fine time spending and we say if it was spring again.
Leaves are turning into different colours, red, yellow and falling down and trees are bare when winter set in. People don’t want to go shopping, go for a walk, going anywhere, we go to cinema rarely, or we don’t visit theatre, and we can’t do a lot of things we like, and we get blue. September, October, November, and Winter set in.

Why we should be happy?

We are very depressed because of the bad, rainy then foggy, snowy weather. But I think we are a bit pessimistic while autumn is turning into winter.
Let’s think how we waiting for Santa Claus or watching our children waiting for him coming with his reindeers on his red sleigh in the blue, bright sky while stars are shining.
They are happy with snow, and it is a special sight to see how getting the bald land a crystal white face. We are also waiting for Christmas Eve to give and get nice presents and watching christmas tree shining, lighting the room. At at time streets and houses are full of hoping you are religious or not.

I think it is a beautiful feeling when we waiting for this occasion when come together with our family living close or far.
This is the most wonderful feast each year. If we wanted every day can be good for us which we can spend useful, full of amusment, happy and that makes life beautiful and gives it ration and this is why we must live. Time to time man can get bad news but never forget: Sun will be shining at you next day, too, so it’s time to have a rest because this circle is continual but bad mood isn’t.