News Mess Eaters From P'kolino - Product Review

Mess Eaters From P'kolino – Product Review


I know the name is a little silly, but this toy storage unit is exactly that, a Mess Eater. It’s the latest product from P’kolino, and it’s basically an easy way for you and your children to store their toys.There are a collection of these units, and they all come in the shape of monsters, in bold and vibrant colors.

I believe children will get a kick out of having one of these monster storage units in their room. The monsters are friendly looking, the design is playful and the colors are bright. Of course for the moms, you can pick a color that goes well with your child’s bedroom decoration! Right now I’ve noticed only three colors, and those are blue, pink and green.

How Much Is This Storage Unit

The price of this storage unit will depend on the type of unit you purchase. The price on these little monsters range from $7.89 to $34.99.

Who Would Buy This Storage Unit

Okay moms, if your little one has lots of stuff – like toys, crayons, coloring books and other precious, can’t do without knick knacks that need storing or organizing, then this is for you! This is the easiest and simplest way to keep those things organized and neat. It’s also a good way to start teaching them how to be responsible for their toys, and how to clean up after themselves.

Mess Eaters From P'kolino – Product ReviewSome Things I Like

I like that the units are made out of polyester and paperboard. You won’t find any metals or plastics in this product. The point of this is that you don’t have to worry about there being anything that can harm your child. I also like and think the idea of making storage units to resemble funny-looking monsters is a great idea. Who would have ever though someone would come up with the idea of making a toy to store a toy!

Another thing I like about the Mess Eaters is that they come in a variety of storage units. You can find units used for organizing their art supplies as well as all the items on their desk. There are even organizers you can place on the shelves, hang on the walls, even stash under their bed. You can also find an organizer made especially for their books.

There is the Monster Storage Bin and the Toy Trunk that you can use for the larger items, and the company even thought of making a Mess Eater called the Travel Pal. This allows you to take their toys with you whenever you’re traveling. This can be used at home, at school, in their closet to organize their shoes, clothes and anything else that needs to be stored.

Some Things I Don’t Like

Since these storage units are covered in a fuzzy fabric, I’m not sure how easy it will be to clean them, and since there is no information at this time, I can’t determine if this may be a problem in the future.

Is There A GuaranteeMess Eaters From P'kolino – Product Review

I did not find any information regarding a product warranty for this product.

Is This Storage Unit Worth The Money

I feel that anything that is going to make it easier to keep your child’s room, closet and desk neat and organized is an excellent investment, and of course you can’t forget the color and uniqueness it will add to the room.

Where Can You Buy This Storage Unit

You can purchase these storage units from or go to the P’kolino website and purchase them.

My Final Thoughts

I absolutely love these Mess Eaters organizers! The colors, the design, the concept. This is the perfect solution to all those toys, clothes, shoes and other precious stuff that your child can’t live without.

You can go here If you are interested in more information about the Mess Eaters from P’kolino

Mess Eaters From P'kolino – Product Review
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