Messing around by the Swimming Pool in the Summer

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Swimming pool floats and toys, from the simple beach ball and other inflatables to the fancy radio controlled boats and helicopters. Lets have a great fun time at the pool side without falling in the deep end and drowning. Do you like to lounge around or do you prefer to be energetic with lots of splashing and bombing.

Relaxing with the Swimming Pool Toys

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A cool drink in a floating drinks cooler next to you as you are stretched out on a plastic lilo lounger, does it get any better. We want to look cool while we are cooling down in the swimming pool out on the terrace. Build up the suntan after a liberal application of the suntan lotion, lay down and let the world go by. Lying in the sun beside the pool enjoying the peace and quiet.

Messing about in the Swimming Pool with the Pool Toys

Get an inflatable slide that you can put at the side of the pool or in the middle of the swimming pool. Great fun for the kids and the big kids too. Spend all day climbing up and sliding into the water with a bit of a splash. Get the splash bomb toys to throw at one another, boys vs girls perhaps.

Searching The Bottom Of The Swimming Pool For Treasure

Put on the zoggs swimming goggles and dive down to collect the treasure trove from the bottom. Have a game to see who can collect the most plastic fish from bottom of the pool. Then you have the water pistol, squirting blaster type toys that you can use to put your opponents off when they surface, with the swimming pool dive toys.

Motorized Swimming Pool Toys

Better to ask the kids to quit the dive bombing games when you are using the remote control motorized toys, if you want to keep them in one piece. There is a wide variety of battery operated toys that you can guide around the swimming pool toys in your pool as you sit in the pool lounge chair with the umbrella that keeps you in the shade. There are pirate ships, race boats and even radio controlled sharks and orca. Take them to the local lake if the swimming pool is too small. You may even get a Fishing boat that has a rod included to hoist the fish and the boat back on to dry land.

Playing Summer Games in the Pool or next to the Pool

Shoot the basket ball at the floating basketball net in the pool. Play a game a volleyball with a net pulled across from one side to the other. You will find a huge range of swimming pool floats and toys, inflatables that will keep you amused for hours.

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Messing around by the Swimming Pool in the Summer, Seekyt
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